September 23, 2023

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Govit-19: Fewer than 100 people are in intensive care in Quebec

Govit-19: Fewer than 100 people are in intensive care in Quebec

The number of beds in the intensive care unit in Quebec has dropped slightly to less than 100.

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With 78 people in intensive care (-2), the number of hospital admissions in the province of La Belle continues to decline. As of Saturday, there were less than 55 people in hospitals, with a total of 1,258 admitted to the hospital.

Unfortunately, 20 people have died due to Govt-19 in the last 24 hours, while 1,210 people with access to testing centers have been tested positive for the virus.

On the other side of the Ottawa River there is also a fall in hospital admissions (795, -26) and occupied beds in intensive care units (253, -3).

Ontario has reported 18 new deaths in the past day, and added 1,930 new viral infections. Keep in mind that, like Quebec, PCR tests are limited to a specific client in Ontario, so the data does not represent the current situation in the province.

Situation in Quebec as of March 5, 2022

  • 928,130 affected (+1,210) *
  • 14,076 deaths (+20)
  • 1258 people have been admitted to the hospital
  • 78 are in the intensive care unit
  • 14,066 samples were taken;

* The number of cases listed does not represent the situation as access to screening centers is primarily for clients only.

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