September 25, 2022

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Gun violence in Montreal | SPVM initiates a greater visibility and suppression function

The Service de Police de la Ville de Montreal will, starting this evening, begin a major operation of visibility and repression to combat armed violence. Pres.

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Daniel Renaud

Daniel Renaud

As of Thursday evening, the staff of the Eclipse Squad will be increased, and members of the unit, which specializes in the surveillance of licensed establishments, information gathering and arrests, will be more in the Montreal area, a source confirmed. Pres.

Other sources have also told us that the SPVM is preparing to redeploy personnel, which will eventually lead to the creation in the coming days of a new team dedicated exclusively to the fight against armed violence.

According to our information, this new team will consist of around fifty police officers, which the department administration is not willing to confirm.

“The response to gun violence will be critical,” we were told.

For now, the SPVM will cover the costs of these new initiatives, but we’re told SPVM’s Executive Director Sophie Roy is currently in discussions with the City of Montreal and the Ministry of Public Safety.

At Minister Genevieve Guilbault’s office, we were told no announcement was planned for Thursday.

Pres As part of Quebec’s strategy, members of the Eclipse Squad will also participate in an important reconnaissance and intelligence-gathering operation this weekend to combat Centaur guns.

More than 100 police officers from the Sûreté du Québec, SPVM, RCMP, Laval Police Department, Longueuil Coordination Police Department and several other municipal police forces will participate in the operation. SQ, and will be held in Montreal, the Northern and Southern Crowns, and elsewhere in Quebec.

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Pension for Redemption

Interview Thursday morning PresSophie Roy did not address these new measures, which will take effect Thursday evening, but mentioned others in the medium to long term aimed at dealing with the gun violence rocking Montreal.

The Ecole National de Police du Québec partners with the SPVM to recall retired police officers, train new units or strengthen existing units; The SPVM administration is examining various measures to tackle armed violence in the city.

“What is happening right now on the island of Montreal is certain Challenge On a massive scale. These are new challenges and therefore require new methodologies and new ways of doing things. We formed a panel of experts at SPVM with diverse expertise and I told them: ‘You have to think outside the box (off the beaten track)’, announced Sophie Roy.

For months, Montreal’s brotherhood of police officers has bemoaned staff shortages at the SPVM. In this case, Roy said he contacted Montreal city officials Thursday morning to check how retired police officers can be recalled.

These may be recalled in “certain circumstances,” says Mme Roy, specific order services, filling in absences for specific projects or due to summer vacations etc.

However, according to him, the recall of retired police officers cannot actually happen before the summer of 2023.

Attract people

Hiring of recruitment police officers is also a problem in SPVM at present.

Thursday afternoon, Roy was to confer with officials at the École Nationale de police du Québec to explore the possibility of creating new police candidates exclusively for the SPVM or increasing the number of police candidates to benefit Montreal’s Service de Police de la Cité.

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“We want to see how we can increase the number of recruits to the police force. Will the National Police Academy be an exclusive cohort to be added to its existing cohort? to be determined. ENPQ has a great opening to help SPVM. They are aware of the situation we are living in the territory,” said Roy.

The executive director of the SPVM did not rule out that the fight against armed violence, the fight against fraud or the laundering of the proceeds of crime would also take place in collaboration with other partners.

“It is absolutely necessary to attack the purchasing power of criminal gangs. It requires the cooperation of all agencies, and I’m not just talking about the police, I’m talking about the justice system and all partners working in the police service. Thoughts are going on. We cannot remain in the status quo,” explained Roy.

“Our police officers have achieved excellent results in the last few months, but we are concerned about what is happening in the area because it greatly affects people’s sense of safety.”

“This is a priority for us, because it is very personal. It takes us in our neighborhoods, near our schools, in our values. The police take all the means. They are dedicated, but they need the support of the people and to be heard. If they feel this support and the contribution of everyone they will not give up, said Roy.

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