January 19, 2022

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Hemato-oncology: Vaccination or mandatory testing for medical personnel

Some fields, such as emergencies, are subject to this requirement, but not the hematology-oncology units Following the explosion at Florimont Hospital in Sherbrook, a group of people shouted.

Health Minister Christian Dube announced at a press conference on Thursday Backwards, this need, we will put it, soon [ce matin ou] Tomorrow morning, there is an order for cancer health workers to be vaccinated or screened.

An oversight?

Dr. Michael Pavick, President of the Hematology-Oncology Service ciussu From Eastern Townships – CHUS, Is very pleased with this decision of the Minister of Health This is a good thing that is changing.

It was a success, not so much for us, but especially for the sick. Their security in all services needs to be further ensured, He argues.

However, he did not yet understand the minister’s initial decision. We received information that it was going to be screened three times a week for unannounced staff, so we took it as an order and we did not see it.

He despises the fact that the record exploded to set straight.

Quite frankly, it is my feeling that this is an oversight.

An excerpt from:CIUSSS de l’Estrie – Dr. Michael Pavic, Head of Hemato-Oncology Service at CHUS

Dr. Pavick also points out that staff members are targeted for criticism by many. He recalled that it was the patient’s safety, and purpose Whether or not to respect the right to be vaccinated.

“Surprised we didn’t act fast”

Mee Paul G., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Council for the Protection of Patients. Brunet welcomes the decision of the Minister of Health. However, he regrets that she fell after an outbreak in the oncology field.

It’s amazing that we don’t act fast. Why do I say that? Because there are dead.

An excerpt from:Mee Paul G., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Council for the Protection of Patients. Brunett

When someone’s life is attacked for refusing to be vaccinated or treated, we cause death, He adds. I do not understand that unions do not act much to their members. They say they want to protect them. They will not protect them if they are not forced to be vaccinated because by not protecting them, they are not protecting the patients we are protecting., He concludes.

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