March 30, 2023

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His skiing trip turns out to be a nightmare

A week after returning from a memorable ski trip to Switzerland, a Montreal couple still hasn’t seen their $10,000 worth of gear, which was misplaced by Air Canada on their way home.

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Laurent Tremblay and his wife spent a few days in the Swiss mountains after their vacation, falling down the slopes and returning to their daily routine.

If the travel and stay restrictions are gone, it is different to return to the country. After traveling on a direct flight between Geneva and Montreal, he had to wait several hours at the airport before returning home.

“We had at least fifteen skiers wandering around without any information. We were told that our luggage had been taken off the plane, but they didn’t know where it was,” says the 26-year-old. Register.

Waiting for more than a month

Three days later, Air Canada contacted customer service and explained that Mr. He was told that the delay in getting the baggage information could take up to 48 hours after the flight took off.

“I’ve been waiting for over a week now with no news. We’re talking about $10,000 worth of high-end equipment,” he complains.

Hoping to find his skis as soon as possible, Laurent Tremblay then filled out a “let us know” form on the Air Canada website.

But the organization responded by email that due to the high volume of requests, a representative may wait 45 days to follow up on his request.

No compensation

“I’m sure I won’t have them before the end of the season…and even then! » laments when he has already reserved days of skiing on the Massif de Charlevoix in the coming weeks.

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He also points out that the airline has not yet paid him any compensation as the luggage was “searched” and not considered lost.

“It’s so humiliating! It’s like they wash their hands of it,” scolds the person who wants to call the system back every day until they get an answer.

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