December 11, 2023

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Immigration: Legalt’s Dangerous Speech

Immigration: Legalt’s Dangerous Speech

At the CAQ conference, Franசois LeCold pulled a large rabbit out of his hat. To save Quebec from “Louisiana”, all immigration powers must be returned to the “survival” of the nation.

He is asking the Cubs to give him a “strong mandate” on October 3 to negotiate with the federal government. This would give him a “balance of power” capable of reversing Justin Trudeau’s denial.

A quick reminder: in 1981, the PQ won 49.26% of the vote in the election. This does not prevent Pierre Elliott Trudeau from imposing a constitution in Quebec that he does not want. In fact, the size of a government’s majority has never strengthened its balance of power against a federal government.

Even among the Conservatives, Pierre Poilievre and Jean Charest in his Bill 21 Mr. To see the pace at which Legault fell, allies are likely to be as rare as an iceberg in Cayo Coco.


On a strictly discriminatory level, his exit is a mystery. Why does he feel the need to beg the Quebecs to give him a strong mandate for a Prime Minister who is moving unchallenged towards a semi-dominant second term? Will do anyway.

If strengthening his armor as a nationalist leader against Justin Trudeau, it is already armor. The CAQ ranks first in the poll. Francophones Avoid PLQ and PQ Knocked Out What else can you look for?

Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. First, Quebec already controls most of its settlements.

Second, if we happen to see the “existential” threat to the thousands of immigrants who do not know the French language each year under the federal government-regulated family reunification program, we will immediately shut down Quebec and throw away the keys. Below St. Lawrence.

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Third, the Legault government adopted its law 96 Modernization Act 101. Is its faith weak enough to fear about the “survival” of Quebec without complete control over immigration?

– Listen to Mario Dumont’s interview with Maxime Lapointe on QUB Radio:

Very slippery slope

Socially, this conversation is dangerous. For any party, making immigration the main theme of the election campaign is treading a very slippery slope.

To see this, just look at the US and Europe. Immigration is not a real administrative issue. She. The problem is when it becomes an election issue.

In such a polarized environment as it is during the election period, there is a risk that the diaspora will be held accountable for the co-ordination failures of the outgoing government or its predecessors.

Advocating for the “survival” of the nation without actually risking it brings us back to the old conservative discourse that preached “survival” before the peaceful revolution. This is the opposite of modern Quebec.

The French are back, for sure. I have been analyzing myself in detail for 25 years. However, to stop this fall, two things are one. One is that Quebec is free and that will not happen.

O Stomach, which invests maximum resources for the successful integration of immigrants, which strengthens the real 101 and extends to Sezeps. The rest is bad theater.