May 29, 2022

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Imprisoned for 12 months for filming himself in an accident at 200km / h

A young driver who filmed his injured friends after a violent collision at 200km / h in Laurentians in August 2020 was sentenced to 12 months in prison in Saint-Jérôme court on Tuesday.

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Upon completion of detention, he faces a 30-month driving ban and three years of probation.

The young man pleaded guilty to two charges last February, August 8, 2020, for causing an accident in which he was responsible for causing an accident by driving dangerously.

Cedric Saint-Jean | VAT News

“Overtaking maneuvers, speeds of approximately 200km / h, severity of injuries, young people who need surgery, especially fractures to the spine, four joints in the case of another of the victims. Apparently, Mr. There was an irregularity in terms of Saint-Jean behavior. He had a learning license, there was no adult adult, and the vehicle was in temporary transportation, which expired following its purchase. Mr. There were a number of reasons why he was not allowed to drive his vehicle on Saint-Jean, ”said Crown attorney Me Cedric Walligate.

That day, Cédric St-Jean, who had only one probation license, took the 340 route aboard with two small friends. His car, the gray Hyundai Sonata, is neither legal nor suitable for the road. There was a brake and tire problem.

At the urging of a friend who was filming, the 18-year-old learning driver sped off at 200 km / h. It was then that the Ford F350 entered the lane near Brunsburg-Saddam, a hundred meters ahead.

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Cedric St. Jean collided head-on with the truck.

Instead of inquiring about the condition of his friends who were injured on the ground, the young man filmed the scene and posted it on social media.