September 23, 2023

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Is Tower of Fantasy free to play?

Is Tower of Fantasy free to play?

Tower of Fantasy is a new open world anime title that will feel familiar to fans of Genshin Impact, but is this new game free to play?

Anime fans who are looking forward to delve into the world of Tower of Fantasy will wonder if this will ever be the case the game Free to play. Just like a world Jinshin effectTower of Fantasy features multiple unlockable characters, a huge open world, and powerful enemies to defeat.

It remains to be seen if the Hotta Studios title has what it takes to beat Genshin at its own game, but for now, There seems to be a lot of positivity surrounding it. In fact, Tower of Fantasy recently surpassed four million pre-downloads — which shows how much hype surrounds the title.

However, many players will be wondering if Tower of Fantasy is free to play. Well, our hub has an answer to this question.

he is Fantasy tower free to play?

Studio Hota

Tower of Fantasy aims to amaze players with its open world and glamorous battles.

Like most gacha games, Tower of Fantasy is completely free to play. This means that players across PC, Android, and iOS can download the game and start playing through the story without spending anything.

However, while the game can be played for free, there are certain items that can be obtained with real money. This is largely due to the purchase of Tanium – the game’s premium currency which is used to trade on game banners.

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Fortunately, Tower of Fantasy offers a large amount of free-to-play coins which can also be used to unlock characters, weapons, and reinforcements. Those looking to get every single Tower of Fantasy character will likely need to spend a little money, especially considering the low drop rates for SR and SSR units.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about whether Tower of Fantasy is free to play or not. Make sure to check out useful hub For all the latest news and information.