March 30, 2023

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Jeff Kelly urges fans to 'manage expectations' for the Summer Games Festival

Jeff Kelly urges fans to ‘manage expectations’ for the Summer Games Festival

Photo: MDHR Studio

Geoff Keighley urged fans to ‘manage your expectations’ before summer fest game Going live this week, confirming that the show will focus primarily on games that have already been announced.

In a Twitter Spaces session written by VGCJeff Kelly – who is usually exceptionally optimistic when it comes to building hype – stated that it was a “really exciting week” for him because he would “finally see the things we’ve been talking about to people for months”. The specific games that Jeff mentioned include what was announced recently call of duty modern warfare 2And the Callisto ProtocolAnd the Cuphead: The last delicious course.

Although stating that the show will include “two new game announcements,” he urged not to expect many “megaton” announcements:

“What I would say is that a lot of the games we are going to show you will be. [already] Advertise… Games will show you new content, like some of the games I mentioned. We have a couple of new game announcements on show and hopefully some surprises if everything goes on. But it is definitely a show that mainly focuses on the things that are being advertised.

“So we’re doing some good stuff for you, but we’re definitely managing your expectations in terms of the huge bumps you’re expecting. These aren’t the game prizes. We have a lot of good stuff to show you but buyer beware some of the crazy rumors I’m seeing in terms of things people are expecting to be announced.” “.

What does this mean for Nintendo specifically? Well, not much. Although nothing has been announced at the time of writing, we can fully expect the Nintendo Direct to air on some stage This month, the possibility that Geoff Keighley will be privy to Nintendo’s plans is slim at best. What this means is that Nintendo can come out with Direct any day now, and if recent history is anything to go by, it will contain at least two “megaton” ads. We can’t wait.

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What do you think of Jeff’s comments here? Are you expecting a Nintendo Direct broadcast soon? Let’s know!