April 1, 2023

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Jonquière pastry chef received his fine

The Jonquière pastry chef, who violated health measures last January, was officially fined for opening his restaurant in the middle of the Omicron wave.

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Stéphanie Hariot, owner of Vite desSINs Pastry Store, received a $ 1,558 crime report Monday.

Ms. Harriet violated a government order banning the opening of restaurant dining rooms due to a significant rise in infections after the holiday season. His violation gesture was widely publicized.

The pastry chef opened her tiny dining room for two days and saw her traffic explode. She had to close her business for two days because she had a lot of customers.

The police had come to inform her of her guilt in January, without paying her the final fine she received on Monday.

Ms Harriet posted the announcement on her company’s Facebook page.

Many internet users quickly rushed to support him, offered to help him pay the fine or invited him to compete.

Others thanked him for doing this stunt judging that it helped to do things in Quebec.

Two weeks later the restaurant dining rooms were finally able to reopen.

Stéphanie Hariot has stated that he has no intention of competing and that he wants to move forward.

Listen to the beginning of the meeting between Benoit Tudricz and Mario Dumont on QUB Radio:

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