July 1, 2022

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Key police action: Removed a speed product “SME”

Police on Wednesday removed the facilities of one of the largest speed manufacturers in the province.

About 280 police officers were mobilized to carry out this major operation in the Montreal area.

A total of 28 searches were conducted in Montreal, Laval, Laurentides, Montérégie, Center-du-Québec and Mauricie.

One of them – no doubt the most significant – took place in an industrial warehouse located on the Industrial Boulevard in Sampli. Nearly 300 police officers were mobilized to carry out this large-scale operation from Montreal to the larger region.

Maxim Talent | QMI Agency

“We’m talking openly about a small SME.

In fact, the interior of the warehouse was set up like a real small factory for making amphetamine (speed) pills.

The drug, in powder form, can travel through conveyors before being pressed into tablets. These then fell into pockets ready for distribution.

All production was done automatically. In this room, completely next to the law firms, the drugs were pressed, packed, packaged and shipped.

Most of the equipment and supplies found in the warehouse and in a container located on the same site had to be seized during the day.

Maxim Talent | QMI Agency

The SPVM announced the arrest of eight suspects in connection with the seizures that led to the seizure of 6.5 million amphetamine tablets and 500 kg of methamphetamine powder. Six pills were confiscated along with more than $ 300,000.

Also, police seized 21 firearms, including handguns, shotguns and two ghost pistols of various caliber. The SPVM will carry out expertise to verify that weapons have been used in other crimes and to determine their origin.

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“It simply came to our notice then [autant] Guns in one action. The goal is to stop anyone who wants to learn about crime or to pursue a career as a criminal over time, ”said Francis Renat, head of SPVM’s organized crime division.

Maxim Talent | QMI Company

During a press conference held at the SPVM headquarters, Mr. Renat replied. Also present were SPVM Executive Director Sophie Roy and Mayor Valerie Blande.

“We are seeing a historic quest to reduce the revenue that supports the purchase of firearms. When we want to fight the rise in armed crime, we need to find a number of solutions,” Ms Blande said.

The move by the service de police de la Ville de Montreal is the result of an investigation that began last September.

“Amphetamines are synthetic drugs that are especially popular with young people,” he said. Renat revealed that he is on track to crack cocaine into a very popular drug. “It’s considered a festival. It’s less expensive, it’s more accessible.

Thanks to the evidence gathered during the search, he declares that a second phase arrest should be made “in a timely manner”.

“We will take the time for this evidence. The Jordanian deadline has not started now, it is running out of arrests. Overall, this plan has brought a lot of evidence that the DPCP needs to examine,” he explained.

No number of suspects could be arrested during this possible second phase operation or when it would occur.

“I’m going to let them think about what they did, and we’ll surprise them another time by making arrests as soon as we’ve decided,” he said. Renat said.

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– With Félix Lacerte-Gauthier, QMI Agency