November 28, 2021

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Legault does not rule out postponement of health vaccine duty | Corona virus

The Prime Minister, who defended himself from being a stubborn man, explained on the microphone Midi Information, In the airwaves of ICI Premier, its government has tried since the outbreak began The balance of evils To determine Very few of the solutions.

If he realizes that he will have to release Palestine again as November 15 approaches, Franுவாois Legalt points out that he can do it, but not everywhere. Departments where staff shortages are high, especially nurses, can actually benefit from further suspension if needed.

I like to step back at a certain moment, rather than be stubborn, and proudly say, “We maintain the results.”

A quote:Franுவாois Legalt, Quebec Premier

About 3% of our nurses are not currently vaccinated. It may not be a lot, but in some places it is a lot, he explained. […] These people are educated in health, so if there is anyone who needs to know the importance of the vaccine, it should be them.

Recall that on October 13, Health Minister Christian Dube gave the health network staff until October 15 to be vaccinated under unpaid suspended pain. He changed his mind because of the large number of people who refused the vaccine. According to Quebec City estimates, more than 22,400 health workers would be absent from the network if the measure were used. The deadline for vaccination was then postponed to November 15.

Surely we have the taste to say emotionally “we don’t want to get you anymore”. But from the moment the nurses are gone, we have to see what the worst results are.

A quote:Franுவாois Legalt, Quebec Premier

Flexibility for Christmas?

Commenting on the epidemic situation in Quebec, Franுவாois Legalt said he was encouraged by the recent drop in hospital admissions and cases. Vaccine for children 5 to 11 years of age Going as planned. Among other things, I think about the mask, He clarified.

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As I have done for the past 20 months, we are in consultation with Dr. Arruda and Public Health. I have the idea that I can get a lot of flexibility in the coming weeks and next months, especially if I start vaccinating children. We hope it will be time for Christmas, Mr. Legault greeted in an interview News.

Once children between the ages of 5 and 11 are vaccinated, I think most of our means can be put behind us.

A quote:Franுவாois Legalt, Quebec Premier

Regarding the obligation to submit the vaccination passport, It will be related to public health, The Prime Minister replied.