July 4, 2022

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Leger poll: CAQ loses 5% support

Above all, François Legault’s CAQ loses the feathers of voters seeking strong opposition, a new Léger poll reveals. In Quebec, the war appears to be intensifying, with the Conservatives again narrowing the gap.

Provincial voting objectives

41% The Cubs will choose the CAQ of the Legalt.

Which party would you vote for if the provincial elections were held today?

Dated June 22, 2022

Others: 3%

“It really moves,” says pollster Jean-Marc Leger. “There is downward movement [de 5 %] For QAC. ⁇

Prime Minister Legalt, therefore, did not move so easily towards the “strong mandate” he wanted on October 3.

By collecting 41% of the objectives, his training travels in some unfavorable currents and the CAQ returns to its support even before the outbreak.

Evolution of voting motives

Dated June 22, 2022

It still dominates among phrancophones with 50% great support.

In Quebec, there is a real “good war” between the CAQ and Eric Duheim conservatives.

Confirmation of the end

Is your choice final at the provincial level or is it possible to change your mind?

Dated June 22, 2022

For the third consecutive poll, the right-wing formation narrowed the gap, this time achieving 26% targets in the region against 40% for the CAQ.

Franசois LeCold, however, received 51% support in April. “There is a ripple effect,” Mr. Says Leger.

The second choice

17% Cubs choose to party Cupecoise.

Which of the following provincial political parties would be your 2nd choice?

Dated June 22, 2022

Others: 9%

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This sound confirms that the Quebecs have “changed their minds” and that 57% of them are looking for strong opposition.

“People want the CAQ not to be alone […] They do not want a strong majority, ”he analyzes.

Motivation to vote

In the context of the next Quebec elections, are you going to vote?

Dated June 22, 2022

Probably not / definitely not



However, no opposition party made significant gains. The other parties all get one extra point.

According to him, “it moves”, but as the opposition disintegrates, its effect can only be reduced to the planned majority for the CAQ.

The best Prime Minister of Quebec

43% Quebecs will select Franுவாois Legalt.

Which of the following provincial political party leaders would be the best Prime Minister of Quebec?

Dated June 22, 2022






Nato Dubois




Paul St. Bear

DK / Disclaimer: 24%

The struggle for official opposition status is taking shape between the Québec solidaire and the Liberals. “Campaigning is the war of the opposition,” says Jean-Marc Leger.

Possible future Prime Minister

In your opinion, will the following opposition leaders one day become the Prime Minister of Quebec in a number of years?

Dated June 22, 2022

Interesting fact, 27% of people believe that unity Gabriel Nado-Dubois will one day be prime minister.

Visit Drainville

The decline in the CAQ also occurs after the arrival of star candidates, a sovereign past, Bernard Trainville and Carolyn Saint-Hiller.

The importance of resistance

Is it important that there is strong opposition to the CAQ returning to power in the next Quebec election?

Dated June 22, 2022

The pollster notes that these announcements did not have any positive effect on the purpose of voting.

He says defectors always have more difficulty in being selected.

Excellent resistance to CAQ

23% Quebecs will choose Quebec Solitaire.

Which of the four main opposition parties, in your opinion, can best provide opposition to the CAQ coming back to power?

Dated June 22, 2022

DK / Disclaimer: 27%

According to Jean-Marc Léger, citizens are mainly concerned about their wallets and the inflation crisis. “It’s back to normal,” he said.

The CAQ will form the best government to deal with the recession, according to 40% of those polled.

The opinion of the deviants

Are you more likely to vote for a candidate who has changed political parties or is it not important to you?

Dated June 22, 2022

Tax reduction

They also believe that a tax cut would be the right move to tackle inflation and the cost of living, giving the liberals Dominic Anglets, who have already promised, a start.

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“People want solutions,” Leger says. “In addition to the $ 500, the Legault government is committed to a tax cut, otherwise it will be overturned by the Liberal Party.”

But, despite all the efforts of the Liberal leader, he is struggling to climb the slope to restore his image with the electorate, especially among non-phonographs.

Meanwhile, 22% of Conservatives believe in Anglophones.

Sovereignty of Quebec

If a referendum was held on the sovereignty of Quebec, would you vote for or against Quebec sovereignty?

Dated June 22, 2022

Compare different parties

Shock in the CAQ

The pollster also measured the patriotic mood of the Cubs according to the political system in which they voted.

In the CAQ, 43% of voters will vote in favor of sovereignty and 42% against.

“Sooner or later, there will be a constitutional debate on the CAQ,” he said. Leger predicts.

It is better to face a possible recession

40% The Cubs will choose the CAQ of the Legalt.

Which political parties are most capable of overcoming the possible recession in Quebec? அப்படியா

Dated June 22, 2022

Others: 30%

Of the unity advocates, only 39% support sovereignty.

For its part, the poll quotes Paul Saint-Pierre Plemonton’s party Quebecois as “becoming popular again”.

He stands as the second most popular choice among many voters.

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