August 12, 2022

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Luggage Crisis: Four tips to save your trip

There have been a number of issues at the airport since the health restrictions ended, so here are four tips to save your travels.

Over the past few weeks, many travelers have been searching for their lost suitcases. To avoid this problem, try to travel lightly with small luggage.

“There are some who are not talented, but if you have to, you’re willing to take the luggage,” says Eric Poissonalt of the Association des Agents de Voyage du Quebec.

If you can only use luggage, ask Mr. to put half of your clothes in your suitcase. Poissonnold recommends. If a suitcase is lost, you will have half of your belongings with you.

During epidemics, airlines told passengers to arrive three hours before their flight, but this instruction was not always heeded.

“Even if you travel to Canada, we’re about to arrive three hours before your flight departs,” he said.

Since there are endless taxes outside Service Canada offices it is a good idea to make sure your passports are in order.

“Don’t wait until the last minute to see the expiration date of your passport,” Mr. Poissonnold insists.

The vice president of the association des agents de voyage du Qu├ębec concluded that it is important to remain calm and patient as there will definitely be delays.

See the full interview to learn more about the advice of the Association des Agents de Voyage to Quebec.

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