March 28, 2023

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Make way for a truly conservative race

It’s time for the Conservative Party’s leadership contest.

There will be three debates in May, campaign only, and candidates have until June 3 to sell membership cards.

Who will stop Pierre Poilievre?

The good news for the party is that, unlike the previous two, this race has not gone completely unnoticed.

Above all thanks to Pierre Polevre for attracting people in a way that has never been the case among conservatives.

And Jean Scharest, despite his slow start, gives it a chance with his presence.

Still, Poilievre looks invincible.

Less government, fewer taxes, a background of independence sprinkled with populism. Freedom as a rally.

The simplicity of his message resonates with conservative supporters.

It has the advantage of giving the appearance of stability.

Developing policies specific to Quebec or other parts of the country is a risky endeavor.

Poilievre has so far been able to play on multiple fronts.

This professional politician has been angry with the elites and the mainstream media at his rallies since he was 25 years old.

This formula, so far, works to a certain extent and protects one from the contacts one would like to make with Donald Trump.

Decisive weeks

The first debate will take place this Thursday in Ottawa.

Jean Scharest will be happy.

The former Quebec prime minister will have the opportunity to resume his race, which has not yet provoked emotions.

Jean-Zarest still has some interests, but even after two months of running, he is trying to justify himself for joining this party, which he said was not recognized two years ago.

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Mr. One has to browse his Twitter feed to see if Charest is creating a political figure the hard way to fit in well with the current party consciousness.

Some conditions, such as ending the federal carbon tax on individuals, seem unnatural.

Strange policy when one headed to implement a similar system in his own province in the 2000s.

Like Maxim Bernier?

Jean Scharest makes it a matter of honor to run a classic campaign that respects the role of traditional media.

Bank of Canada, journalist and politician against Poilievre, a spokesman who supports the illegal “freedom series”.

He contacts Poilievre with Maxim Bernier and he also knows how to attract the crowd.

This is to forget that Bernier almost won the 2017 race and that it was a miracle to establish a new national political party.

By June 3, Jean Scharest wants to have tons of signed membership cards if he wants to change party from the inside out.

Above all, he must convince Ontario’s cultural minorities that his spiritual son, Patrick Brown, must join them in collecting votes.

We know what Mr. Charst warms up during a debate, even in a race loaded with half a dozen candidates.

Mr. Scharest will have a hard time overcoming Pierre Boylevre as a dangerous extremist in this group.

Quebec MP Pierre Paul-Huss, who spoke out against the convoy, adds a layer of respect to Boylevre’s astonishing support.

However, Mr. Scharest should return to the side of his slow start, if Poilievre did not give his enthusiasts a little excitement in front of the steamroller.

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