June 4, 2023

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Metropolis attack: SQ found no threats against Ms. Marois

Sûreté du Québec could not identify the six threats against Paulin Marois during the Metropolis attack 10 years ago, and even though he swore to police that evening that he remembered nothing, it plans to ask the police again.

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“Of course the memory can be refreshed …”, began Ms.And Julian Bernard, Quebec’s Attorney General, is representing the provincial police in court in Montreal this Monday.

Empty, m.And Bernard appeared before a judge who last week ordered his research to be carried out in the name of truth-seeking. Because, throughout the civil case brought by the technicians accusing the police of poor monitoring during the attack, nine witnesses, Mr.Me Morois that night. But, no officer could identify them.

“Unfortunately, we did not find the document that answers your questions,” he said.And Bernard to Judge.

In the absence of this document, on September 4, 2012, when Richard Henry Payne killed technician Denise Blanchett and wounded Dave Garage, he said he was trying to find police officers.

“All of this may take a while,” the lawyer said.

Call to memory

Especially after some agents retire, SQ is still unable to track them.

“We want to move fast, but we want to make things better,” the lawyer said, adding that after locating the wanted persons, he would like to invite them to meetings to “refresh their memory”.

Many police officers who take the oath of office will have to meet them if their memory improves.

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Another confidential statement?

MAnd Representing technicians seeking $ 600,000 from SQ and Montreal Police, Virginie Dufresne-Lemier did not hide her surprise at the provincial police’s futile search.

“We are talking about reports of six threats,” he said, adding that each of them has been investigated.

Also, surprisingly, he noted the possibility of another secret report on the attack, which would have been prepared before another confidential report.

During the proceedings, the SQ concealed the existence of an administrative report on the attack. The document was not signed, and after a long legal battle, its author, a police officer, explained that it was created from informal discussions gathered four months ago.

The results of this report were dictated in advance by his employers.

For meAnd Dufresne-Lemire, a few meters away from the newly elected Prime Minister, said it “logically” that SQ did not wait four months to understand how sniper Richard Henry Payne could easily launch an attack. The back of an unprotected building.

She was unable to search for answers due to a lack of additional information.

The file will be returned to the court within two weeks to retake SQ’s research.