December 4, 2022

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More positive discrimination?

Last week, I wrote about the Mary-Louis Arsenalt show, The more we read the more glad we areI found myself very “awake”.

Called to respond to my article by Guy A. Lepage, Arsenal responded that vigilance should be “raised” to social injustices. And she said to the other guests, “Does anyone here care about social injustice tonight?” ⁇

To guests, “Are they against virtue?” Like asking that. ⁇

The problem is, in the name of being awake, a slippage, an exaggeration, and a vortex, we create an injustice by thinking of correcting one.


Let me give you an example.

A Quebec publishing house last week published a job posting for the post of “Publishing Assistant”: “We offer a special invitation only to Indigenous peoples, non-ethnic or non-white, as well as women or non-binary genders. LGBTQIA2 + belongs to the spectrum”.

Notice first that the publishing house is “female” without talking about “women”. Notice the use of this strange expression: “not white”. Finally, look at how a publishing house interferes with who its employees are sleeping with. How to get the “A” of LGBTQIA2 + and convince your future employer that you are really “gay” or “awesome”?

One of my readers, a white man (therefore male) who works in the publishing industry, sent me this job and commented on it: “Sophie, you can understand all the pressures. It is insidiously applied to those who have my profile in the world of teaching and writing. ”.

I contacted the publisher and he replied, “We welcome applications from all eligible individuals, including whites.” But why mention that the invitation was extended “especially” to “non-whites”? Did they expand their criteria just because a journalist contacted them?

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Another example.

San Deb “Diversity and Inclusive Project Consultant on Radio-Canada”. Last week, he announced a paid internship in the field of youth programming. Criteria for eligibility: “Identify from visible minority or tribal communities”.

In late March, SARTEC announced a sponsorship program for “emerging writers from culturally diverse and indigenous backgrounds”. It said: “This project is only designed for emerging creators from racist communities or tribal communities.”

How do you think this will be for the straight white men who roam the cultural field?

I have already talked to you about these “positive discrimination” schemes in the NFB.

If you were a teenager in Quebec in 2022 and knew in advance that your gender, your skin color, was out of your control, would you like to come into this field (literature, cinema, television)? Are you barred from getting scholarships, programs, jobs or promotions?

Below, Monkil

Mrs. To answer Arsenalt’s question, I am concerned about “social injustice”. It is for this reason that I see the awakening movement going so far. Because it creates new injustices. Further discrimination, even if it is positive, will be discriminatory.