December 7, 2022

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Motorcyclist convoy: Here we go again in Ottawa

Several people were arrested today in Ottawa as a new rally against health measures led by “more aggressive” protesters on motorcycles took place in the capital this weekend.

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“Authorities have stopped with helmets and shields for their protection in order to disperse the crowd in Rideau and Sussex due to the increase in gang aggression,” the service said on Twitter tonight. Ottawa Police (OPS).

On Friday on the sidelines of the first rallies of the demonstration in the federal capital


The “Rolling Thunder Ottawa” protester was arrested on Friday on the sidelines of the first rally in the federal capital.

This evening, tensions escalated as several hundred protesters from “Rolling Thunder Ottawa” marched to the center of the capital, among others, to protest against health measures.

Hours after it began, several people were arrested tonight on Rydo Street, which is currently banned for the weekend, OBS said.

Between 500 and 1,000 people gathered in the center of the capital, where fireworks exploded this evening.

One of the protesting motorcyclists raised his fist.

Photo: AFP

One of the protesting motorcyclists raised his fist.

Avoid aggression

While the organizers are planning “rolling thunder” for rallies and activities tomorrow and Sunday, the authorities are also planning a coup.

An opponent wearing a military helmet and jacket confronts a policeman who is blocking the fight.

Photo: AFP

An opponent wearing a military helmet and jacket confronts a policeman who is blocking the fight.

To prevent a further 23-day siege in Ottawa, as in February, a greater police presence is planned and a vehicle exemption zone has been set up near Parliament Hill.

This evening, several vehicles bearing the Canadian flag were seen attempting to occupy a parking lot in the city center.

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“Everyone except one left the scene. The rest of the vehicle was towed away and the driver left the property without permission, ”OBS said.

Others attempting to park on Rydo Street may have been dragged away in the evening or left on their own.


For businessmen and residents of the sector, the convoy of motorcyclists arriving in Ottawa is already exciting.

Claude Bonnet, owner of Le Moulin de Provence Restaurant, learned of the meeting and said to himself: “Not yet! ⁇

“It’s starting again. We’re dreaming of a series,” he explained in an interview with LCN’s Airways today.

While he acknowledges that everyone has the right to speak out, he feels that Ottawa’s merchants are paying more.

In February, the Iron Curtain had to be put down as several companies in the capital’s downtown area were shut down due to the occupation of the “Independent Convoy”.

On social media, several citizens condemned the arrival of the protesters, insisting that they were not welcomed in the city, while several hundred new protesters were expected to arrive tomorrow.

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