August 12, 2022

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Netflix password sharing policy is confusing in test markets

Netflix password sharing policy is confusing in test markets

Netflix is ​​testing a new (and confusing) password-sharing policy in three countries.

Netflix is ​​testing a new (and confusing) password-sharing policy in three countries.
picture: Robin Beck (Getty Images)

Strange things have happened at Netflix, but its new policy Password block to share Confuses users during its beta program in Costa Rica, Chile and Peru according to rest of the world.

What is the new Netflix password sharing policy?

New Netflix Password sharing policy Simple: is He hits Users who Share passwords for an additional fee. Broadcast service sets a The household as direct persons with whom a particular subscriber lives. This means that you can share your password with your roommates, but not with your family members who live across the country. For Netflix users who They want to share their account with those outside their home, they can add additional users for a fee. interested in trade Reports say this fee is $2.99 ​​per person added, while the rest of the world states the fee is just over $2. Netflix did not immediately respond to our request for clarification.

Netflix began testing this new policy in March, and According to Rest of World, user reaction was mostly negative after the outlet spoke to dozens of subscribers across Peru. Some users have canceled their Netflix subscription completelywhile others They kept sharing their passwords without any repercussions from the company. However, Netflix assured the rest of the world that the policy is “progressive,” and that it was testing various releases across Peru, Costa Rica, and Chile.

Why is Netflix concerned about password sharing?

It looks like Netflix has had some financial troubles lately. After announcing a loss of more than 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter of 2022 (the first time after a decade of growth), the broadcasting company said it was studying Add ads To generate more revenue. Netflix stock too landed 30%. TIt is partly the company He blamed his inventory problems On users who share passwords. Netflix too Downsizing Tudum’s Staff By laying off workers last month after just a few months on the blog, and Exclude upcoming projects before entering production.

Netflix flew too close to the sun. Once a monolith of the streaming age, Netflix seemed to promise more than it could deliver, and it’s now succumbing to the consequences of its own indulgence. Competition from streaming services like Hulu and HBO Max are giving consumers a choice, something Netflix probably wasn’t too worried about when it was monopolizing the streaming industry just a few years ago. The company’s Terms from Already say share the password afterwards a houseHe carries not allowedAt the moment, it seems US passwords Still shareable without fear of fine.

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