August 12, 2022

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'Nobody cried,' says Kellys over Beyoncé's rejection of 'milkshake' sound

‘Nobody cried,’ says Kellys over Beyoncé’s rejection of ‘milkshake’ sound


picture: Rich Fury (Getty Images)

When it comes to Renaissance Criticisms, Beyoncé quietly preferred to remove some samples or lyrics rather than make public statements. First, I changed a song that some fans considered ableAnd yesterday she Removal Fulfillment of “milkshake” Kellys that The artist claims that Beyoncé never consulted with her. But her legions of fans (collectively known as Beyhive) tend to follow a different strategy—one Kellys hastened to call her. The artist expressed some of her feelings about the controversy after the removal in the comments section of a new post on her official Instagram.

Ironically, post August 3 where the drama heated up was a largely non-offensive (and totally positive) post. Kellys shared a selfie of herself wearing the stunning red, with the self-love tagline captioned: “Born in the summer heat. I’m my own validation. To all beautiful Augustans, good morning.”

However, a quick swipe of the comments revealed an entirely different energy, with some Beyhive Kelis criticizing for calling Beyoncé (and apparently worse in their eyes, as they received a response by editing Beyoncé for the track) “You’re a happy girl? Now you’re irrelevant again”, One commenter laughed. Kellys didn’t take any time to provide her honest response: “Yeah I actually am. Lol no one cried.”

In the comments, Kelis also expressed her shock at the intense and often fierce union efforts of Beyoncé’s fan base. “I’ve never seen people put so much effort into someone they haven’t met or known personally. One of them replied Kellys. friendly Comment accusing Beyhive of acting outright insane.

However, at the end of the day, Kelis seems uninterested in Beyoncé’s fans wishing her a quick reminder of the irrelevance. The way you see it, she got her wish to do “milkshakes” justice while putting up a valuable conversation in the field:I said what needs to be said. #I won.

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