May 29, 2022

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North River Fall: The young man still wanted to

Laurentians continued their search Saturday to find the teenager who had accidentally fallen Thursday afternoon in the Rivière du Nord near Sainte-Adèle.

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Tests carried out by sonar and trying to locate the girl during the day were in vain.

According to a spokesman for Sûreté du Québec (SQ) Stéphane Tremblay, the search was suspended until 9pm and will resume on Sunday morning.

The patrol vehicle is expected to be in the area overnight from Saturday to Sunday.

The bank of the river where the tragedy took place has become a meditative place for the people of the area. Flowers and letters were left in memory of the young lady.

Sainte-Adèle City Mayor Michèle Lalonde admitted to being vigilant since Thursday.

“Every time a message comes to me, my heart beats wondering what message I am going to hear,” he said.

He said I was moved by the generosity of the citizens who came in the hope of finding the young woman and volunteered. Unfortunately, considering the high level of the river, it is dangerous for the inexperienced to go too close.

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