July 1, 2022

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One of the biggest rain scenes to come

Quebec 2022 is expected to experience one of the longest series of continuous rains since the beginning of spring, with every major city in the province expected to be under the Navy next week.

From Sunday afternoon, to the beginning of May it is necessary to wait until the summer again. The cities of Cadino, from Montreal to Quebec via Quebec, expect rain, or at times some scales.

“With this amount of rainfall, the flooding of various rivers is guaranteed to be monitored across many sectors,” Canadian meteorologist Jean Brosard said in an interview with QMI.

As of Sunday morning, only the Petite-Nation River in the Outauais had minor flooding, the extent of which could be seen beyond the first overflow, especially on roads located near fields and waterways. . Some dwellings located on the banks of waterways may be threatened, isolated or slightly submerged.

With the exception of rainfall, mercury is expected to drop by several degrees across the province in the next few days. Montreal will range from 16 ° C on Monday to 10 C on Thursday, while the same temperature for Quebec will be 15 ° C to 8 ° C on Tuesday.

By next weekend the sun should be up with the mercury rising again at the tip of his nose.

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