January 29, 2023

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Panic at St. Constant City Hall | Minister Andre Laforest “very touched”

The municipal affairs minister said he was “deeply touched” by the situation of Saint-Constant’s civil servants and elected officials who had to deal with the aggression of a citizen who threatened them.

Pres revealed Thursday morning, the municipality must appear in court every 10 days to ensure Michael Vachon stays away. The man has multiple convictions for assaulting municipal councilors and staff. “We don’t know where it will end. We are facing a man with nothing to lose,” declared Jean-Claude Boyer, the mayor of Saint-Constant.

Other municipalities in Quebec are also grappling with violent attacks on elected municipal officials.

On Thursday, the municipal affairs minister lamented the situation.

I met the Mayor of Saint-Constant and his team and I was very touched by their testimony. Intimidation and threats have no place in our democratic life.

Andre Laforest, Minister of Municipal Affairs

She continued, “I [déjà] We have put in place an action plan to combat harassment and intimidation of our elected officials, while at the same time reminding citizens of the importance of maintaining a climate of respect at City Council. Now, when such situations arise, I will ensure that the communication channels with the cities are open to better support the municipalities. »

Official opposition party Virginie Dufour Vis-Ess also expressed concern.

In a press release, he said, “As a former city council member, I have already been subjected to bullying. “Therefore, I am very concerned by the information that today reveals such a situation to the elected officials and municipal authorities of Saint-Constant. »

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He criticized the Legault government for “not taking any concrete action” on the file.