March 23, 2023

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Part in Saint-Henri: QS should pay more

Quebec Solider is making every effort to win the riding of Saint-Henri-Sainte-Anne from the Liberals next Monday. They have a good candidate in Guillaume Clichy-Reward who lives in the county.

They all came out last fall, but defeating a party leader in his riding isn’t easy. In the end Dominic Anglade won. After a few months, QS has the right to a rematch. They don’t want to miss out.

Honestly, what they believe is right. A victory is realistic given the difficulties of the Liberal Party, which is going through difficult times. Be prepared for all kinds of surprises as the turnout will be very limited.

The population of Saint-Henri-Sainte-Anne is mostly non-French speaking. This is typical of demographic changes in Montreal. Thirty years ago, the PQ could still hope to win by talking about the French and the defense of freedom. Not anymore.

French? I never!

Unfortunately, the battle between the PLQ and the QS revolves mainly around “who defends the French less”. Who is the protector of minorities against security threats of French and secularism?

Quebec solder goes a long way to believe. A pamphlet distributed in the constituency by the QS candidate’s group was condemned by the Parti Québécois entirely in English. As much as we say that there is a French version of the same document, when we are a party that describes itself as libertarian, it is a remarkable gesture to print the English text in one language.

Yet Québec solidaire voted for Bill 96, an important gesture at a time of French decline.

However, in Saint-Henri-Sainte-Anne, the QS only asserts its desire to reopen Bill 96 to correct the worst irritations. That they voted in favor of the protection of the French would have become an embarrassing fact that should be swept under the carpet.

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Southwest of Montreal, this riding has a distinctly Anglo-Saxon background. But many of the English-speaking residents there today are Montrealers, with immigrant backgrounds, who have assimilated into the English language. Here is a political party that makes it clear by their words and actions that they are right.

A reprehensible slogan

In this pamphlet in English, the wording also sends the wrong message. Translation: “Québec solidaire is the best resistance to defend Montreal against the CAQ”. Balaraman Holness’s political approach was this: multicultural and mostly English-speaking Montreal should no longer be subject to the whims of a national assembly elected by people from all regions.

An English pamphlet to deliver to non-French-speaking voters painted an unhealthy image of a government threatening Montreal. The PLQ has never in its history taken the British vote to court.

QS takes steps to leave lasting marks on its identity as a party. High cost per part.