September 26, 2022

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PCC: Alain Reyes condemns the “pure and simple intimidation” of the Poilivre clan against him

New Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre’s entourage is trying to pressure Alain Rayes to resign, a day after he left the party, while Quebec members of the Conservative caucus remain silent on the fate of their old colleague.

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“What they have as a tactic is pure and simple intimidation,” Alain Race began over the phone. “I’m in shock.”

At noon, members of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC), Mr. Reyes, along with his wife and children, received a specific text message. “Your MP Alain Reyes has just left the Conservative Party. He decided not to fight Trudeau inflation with Pierre Poilievre’s team. Alain, call his office now and ask him to resign as his deputy”, read it. The phone number of the block office is mentioned in the message.

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The result: the office is flooded with calls. “My three lines are jammed,” said Mr. Race explained. He also reports that Pierre Paul-Hus, the new leader of the CCP’s Quebec caucus, and Pierre Boilvre, contacted the president of the riding association directly to publicly denounce his departure from the CCP.

“What does it tell others? If you don’t fall in line, don’t put your tail between your two legs, here’s what’s going to happen,” said the main interest party, which makes connections with “American politics” and “Trumpism.”

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Alain Reyes said he was afraid to end up in the same situation as his provincial vice-president, coquist Eric Lefebvre, saw demonstrators marching past his house. Representatives of the PCC’s Quebec caucus, called by the Journal de Montreal for comment on the matter by mid-day, did not return our requests.

A “Class Deficit”

“It’s a lack of tact and class. It looks like revenge,” said Yann Plante, a former adviser to Stephen Harper and vice president of TACT.

The best strategy to oust him, he added, is to organize a big rally in Victoriaville in a few months to “prove that they want the riding back”.

The approach taken so far is “strategically very bad,” said Mr. Plante said. “Instead of talking about unity, inflation and the economy, it diverts the conversation to internal settlement of accounts. It’s junior stuff.”

“Good. It starts the same way, democracy with Pierre,” tweeted Yves-Francois Blanchet, leader of the Bloc, noting in the morning that he had gotten along well with Mr. Poilivre.

Mr. Rays was one, which on Saturday night Mr. It ended in a crushing defeat for the former prime minister at the hands of Poilivre.