November 27, 2022

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Philly Barbecue, Pizzeria Closed serving order at Astros International

Philly Barbecue, Pizzeria Closed serving order at Astros International

The Houston Astros are spending a significant amount of time in Philadelphia this week fighting the Phillies for the World Series, and they need to get some well-deserved grubs for professional baseball players while in town.

It’s funny that they’re having a hard time because the people behind some of the best food in this city are putting sporting loyalties on the money.

At least two popular restaurants — Angelo’s Pizzeria and Mike’s BBQ — have canceled catering orders from the Astros, according to posts from the restaurants’ social media accounts.

Here’s the post from Mike’s BBQ’s official Instagram, where Astros dietitian Lisa Clark reached out to the restaurant in search of food:

Oddly enough, Clark called Mike “Gill” and seemed to be looking for Latin food not served at Mike’s restaurant. I have to wonder if Clark is trying to get to Gil Arends, co-owner of Puyero Venezuelan Flavor in Society Hill on 4th Street.

Anyway, this is the first hit.

Then we have fliers from Danny, the genius behind the famous Angelo’s Pizza and Sandwiches on 9th Street.

Danny posted a video of his Instagram story in which he refuted any suggestion that Angelo cooked for the Astros, confirming he told the team the refusal, and shortly thereafter reposted a story from Phillies chef Keith Rudolf showing a party tray of Angelou’s feeding hobbies. Phillies before game 3:

Yes, that’s how you do it. Multiply two.

And you know what they say: Hit one, hit two, good luck.

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