October 4, 2023

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Poilievre and Bernier opposed health measures in Ottawa

Poilievre and Bernier opposed health measures in Ottawa

Leaders of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) Pierre Poilievre and Maxime Bernier marched in Ottawa on Thursday to oppose the COVID-19 vaccine and health measures.

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According to CTV news, Pierre Poilievre walked two kilometers with senior Canadian Armed Forces veteran James Topp.

James Topp, a 28-year-old veteran, was charged in February with two counts of misconduct for good order and discipline. He had publicly denounced the federal vaccine requirements when he was in uniform.

Since then, he has been marching to Ottawa. About 100 people had come with Mr. Top.

Pierre Poilievre and Maxime Bernier welcomed James Topp to the capital.

“I support freedom of choice and have always believed that people should have the ability to make decisions,” Poilievre said. We need to be independent Canadians who can determine what we put in our body.

For his part, Mr. Bernier failed in his attempt to become the leader of the Conservatives before launching his party.

Poilievre and Bernier opposed health measures in Ottawa

Photo Archives, QMI Agency

“[Pierre Poilievre] He remained silent on the matter for two years, he said. He watched the polls and the direction the wind was blowing before he acted. During this time, I participated in various rallies across the country, and I was arrested. When the situation became safe, he decided to take his picture with the independent convoy [en février]. He must stop lying. ”

The march comes as Ottawa has stepped up security for Canada Day to avoid a recurrence of the siege, as it did last February.

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