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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 7-Star Pikachu Tera Raid Guide: Best Counters for the Raid Event

published: 2023-02-25 T22:24:31

updated: 2023-02-25 T22:24:41

Here’s how to defeat Water Tera Type Pikachu in 7-star Tera Raids. This guide will provide players with the best counters for doing Pokemon Day commemorative raids in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Seven-star Tera Raids made the bulk of the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet post-game. Each weekend, players are given a short window to challenge incredibly challenging raid bosses that require a level of skill rarely needed in Pokemon games.

So far, these consisted of the most terrifying beginner’s third stage evolutions: Charizard, Sindris, and Grennia. But to celebrate Pokemon Day 2023, mascot character Pikachu takes center stage in the more challenging Pokemon Scarlett and Violet raids.

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As a kind of Water Tera and knowing the movement of waves, the gentle electric rodent becomes a formidable foe in his famous surging Pikachu form. But to help you get through, here are the best builds to take on the 7-star Pikachu Tera Raids.


Water type Pikachu Terra

Pikachu’s Moveset & Typing is second to none

Pikachu is normally an Electric Pokemon, but in the 7-star Scarlet & Violet raids, Mouse has taken on the Water Tera type. This means that instead of having a unilateral weakness to the moves of the land type, Pikachu deals with all of the weaknesses of the water type.

However, due to Pikachu’s mixed moveset, perfect creations require a Grass-type Pokémon.

The 7-star Pikachu has five moves at his disposal – one more than the average Pokemon allowed. She also starts Tera Raid with her active shield, which means players will have to chip away at her health, leaving little room for clichéd one-shot strategies.

Best build of Appleton for Pikachu Terra Raids

Appletun, a Gen 8 Grass Dragon, is a powerful option that can act both as a supportive Pokémon and as a devastating attacker. While his Dragon type makes him vulnerable to Pikachu’s Play Rough, there are ways around this, allowing Appletun to be the cornerstone of her team.

Best Appletun Moveset

  • Apple acid – Learned at level 28
  • recycling – I learned by breeding
  • Sunny day – I learned via TM
  • solar ray – I learned via TM

Best Lorentz design for Pikachu Terra raids

While Lurantis is often overlooked due to its stats and monotype, it is ideal for dealing with pesky surf lemmings. However, Lurantis requires a bit more effort to set up than other options for taking on Pikachu. You’ll need to defeat trainers to unlock a unique Memory TM for this build to be viable, but it’s worth the effort if you have the extra time.

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Best Movie: Lurantis Moveset

  • Sunny day – Learned at level 51
  • paper storm – I learned via TM
  • synthesize – Learned at level 28
  • solar ray – I learned via TM

Best Lilligant Design for Pikachu Tera Raids 7 Stars

One Pokemon that can handle Pikachu with ease is Lilligant. Grass-type flower monster is resistant to water movements and has a move combo that can take down 7-star Pikachu on its own. Here’s how to build it.

Best transport kit for Liligan

  • Sunny day – Learned at level 1
  • quiver dance – Learned at level 1
  • solar ray – I learned via TM
  • Giga depletion – I learned via TM

Best Design by Arboliva for Pikachu Tera Raid (SOLO)

Arboliva is a top pick for Pikachu Tera Raids because of its presence Special attack Stats and a tough-to-beat turf-type moveset. And if players use a Terra grass typeThey will get the job done quickly.

For single play (offline), players will want to equip Secret cloak The item was kept to cancel the secondary effect from Pikachu’s moves. Uses energy ball Three times to charge the Tera Orb before use Sunny day To remove the camouflage from Pikachu’s rain dance and to reduce the strength of the waves.

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After the setting is completed, use Giga depletion Repeat until Pikachu is defeated. It will deal massive damage thanks to your Grass Tera plague and will keep Arboliva thanks to its healing properties.

Arboliva single best transport kit

  • energy ball – Learned at level 34
  • Sunny day – I learned via TM
  • Giga depletion – I learned via TM
  • sap strength – I learned by education

Best Arboliva Design for Pikachu Tera Raids (Support)

For those who want to use Arboliva in multiplayer, this build is for you. Instead of the Covet Cloak, players must choose this move protection-Protect the entire team from status effects for five turns. Replace the held item with Big root To enhance the healing power of movements by 30%.

If another team member doesn’t use Sunny Day, Arboliva will want to use it on turn two to reduce Pikachu’s damage. Then use Strength Sap so that Pikachu’s attack is reduced to a minimum while also saving yourself.

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Also be sure to use protection again on turn 6 to continue declining status effects. The rest of the battle can be won by spamming the Giga Drain until Pikachu faints.

Arboliva’s best support transmission set

  • protection Learned at level 1
  • Sunny day – I learned via TM
  • Giga depletion – I learned via TM
  • sap strength – I learned by education

That’s all you need to know about defeating the unparalleled Pikachu in Tera Raids! Check out more Pokemon Scarlet & Violet guides below:

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