July 4, 2022

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Poll: CAQ comes out harmless, but PQ and PLQ free fall

One survey per month until October 3rd
Quebecs will vote to elect their government on October 3. Within six months of the election, the Le Journal, TVA and QUB platform today released a monthly survey measuring voter turnout. Each month, find the results of this exclusive Léger survey and view the full report on the QUB operating system and qub.ca.

The CAQ has not been punished for managing the epidemic, while both old parties have reached historically low levels in terms of voting. With caution about the Govt-19, Quebecs will continue to wear the mask even after duty is over.

The government has been on the grill for weeks about the circumstances surrounding the tragedy at CHSLD Heron.

Not to mention the increasing number of hospitals and mask wear in Quebec, while it has disappeared elsewhere in the country.

Fran பிரois Legault’s troops have increased their support to reach 44% of the vote since last month, without paying the price, according to a Léger poll conducted from April 14 to 17.

“It’s time to dump her and move on,” said Christian Borg, executive chairman.

Of course, the release of the $ 500 prize-winning budget to help citizens cope with rising housing and grocery prices has certainly not affected that. The government candidate did not win the Mary-Victor by-election.

“The CAQ plow, 50% of the French-speaking vote, goes well everywhere,” the pollster predicted.

Within six months of the election, the Legault government could rely on a fragmented opposition.

PQ and PLQ are very low

Dominic Angled’s Liberal Party continues its steady decline and attracts only 17% of the electorate.

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“With 11% of the French-speaking vote, we’re starting to look at the fingers of our hands and tell ourselves how many districts we hope to win or hold,” he said. Bork underlines.

In the same standard dumb on Parti Québécois, it is below the 10% support mark.

Mathematically, with such statistics, Paul St.-Pierre Flamonton’s PQ would end up with ten representatives … or none at all, the pollster analyzes.

The two largest parties have not received such low scores since 1976.

This is what allows the Quebec Solitaire to capture a point, gaining 15% support from the population.

The only cloud on the horizon for CAQ is conservative. Eric Duhaim’s support is strong, with more than 70% of his supporters reluctant to change their minds before the October 3 election.

In the Conservative Party’s fertile territory of Quebec, the former radio presenter has secured his second place.

“There may be CAQ members at this time, they will have a little trouble sleeping, as Christian Bork underscores. In some districts they get hot.”

The epidemic is not over

Eight out of ten Quebecs, however, believe that the epidemic has not gone away and that less than 73% of those surveyed will continue to wear the mask most or all of the time in public, even if the action is removed.

The data may also indicate that conservatives have reached their growth potential by now.

The Cubs are deeply divided over who was responsible for the tragedy that led to the deaths of 47 residents of the private CHSLT Heron in Dorval in an inhumane situation.

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If one in four points the finger at the government, many blame the owner of the apartment or the CIUSSS de l’Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal.

“Is the CAQ government doing well in this situation? It says yes so far, ”the pollster said.

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