March 23, 2023

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PSPP is a prisoner of the “friend zone”.

Do you know what is called “friend zone” in English?

When a boy becomes a girl’s best friend.

Mostly life imprisonment.

Once you become a girl’s best friend, it’s very rare that you take it to the next level and end up in her bed.

You are his friend, nothing more.

If you try to kiss her, she will look at you sadly and say, “No, I’m sorry, but I don’t see you that way.”

A shoulder to cry on

This is a trap waiting for PSPP.

Become “Quebec voters’ best friend”.

A good guy, a faithful companion, someone we can always count on when there’s a problem, and whose shoulder we cry on when CAQ lets us down.

“Oh, Paul, you don’t know what Legault did to us one day, Boo Hoo Hoo! Accepted the disappointment and humiliation of Canada for peanuts! He’s been telling us for years that he’d succeed in wresting the new powers from Ottawa, but he’s never been able to deliver the goods! Oh, But what are we going to do, Paul, what are we going to do?

“You can always run away with me, my beautiful Quebec!” I will give you everything you want and more! We are going to leave Canada and buy ourselves a nice house by a river!

– Oh, Paul, you know I adore you, but I don’t see you like that! I wish we could be friends! Your friendship is too precious to me to lose it! Are you going to get three colors of ice cream? We’re going to watch an old Meg Ryan movie together…”

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This is the “friend zone”.


Watch the girl you love whine all Friday and her new boyfriend – again – lets her down.

You, you stay there, in front of her, listening to her complaints. If you know, deep in your heart, you will be the best boyfriend she can have.

But she didn’t want to know anything.

She wants to be with Frank.

Who has promised him paradise but will give him tears, sorrows and disappointments.

good boy

The PSPP received a historic vote of confidence from the PQ this weekend.

Normal: He is a nice boy. Honest, upright, upright, solid, decent.

Soap smelling principled, pure.

Unfortunately, just because people think you’re a “nice guy” doesn’t mean they want to live with you.

This is a challenge PSPP must take up.

Prove to voters that he is not only a good friend but also a good party.

Get out of the “friend zone”.

And, folks, it takes a miracle to pull this off. Quebec voters should be a little tickled by the PSPP.

Quebecers stop treating PQ as an insurance policy.

They dream of going out with him.