July 1, 2022

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Putting a mountain bike on the roof of a car is a common danger

Why buy a trailer when we have our all-terrain vehicle (ATV) on the roof of our small car?

A 29-year-old outlaw has learned the hard way that it is better to invest in buying a trailer.

Early Wednesday morning, MRC des Collines-de-l’Outauais’ public safety officials were surprised to see a small Mazda 3 pass in front of them … an ATV built into the roof.

The driver, who was returning on Highway 50, was quickly stopped by police in the direction of Gadino.

According to officials, the driver came from Val-des-Bois with his (very) extraordinary cargo and planned to travel about sixty kilometers to Gatineau.

“Unfortunately for the driver, the driver’s license has been suspended for a number of unpaid fines, not to mention the unusual and unusual method of transporting all terrain vehicles,” said Sergeant Martin Fornell, a police spokesman.

In fact, the ATV activist had attached his car to the roof of the car using a single strap.

According to officials, the car’s shock absorbers were all “smashed” because the ATV was so heavy that it was almost impossible to ride.

The vehicle, which did not belong to the driver, was confiscated for another 30 days. He will also be charged with $ 494 for driving with a suspended license.

The car owner will be fined $ 494 for leaving the car with someone without a valid driver’s license.

Other findings may eventually be published in this file, especially to protect ATV from negligence.

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