September 26, 2022

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Quebec Liberal Party | A former Couillard and Anglade strategist will be the candidate

(Quebec) Charles Robert, a former strategist for former prime minister Philippe Couillard and Liberal leader Dominique Anglade, is running for Jean-Lesage in Quebec. Pres. According to the main interested parties, his tab is “entirely linked to the continuation of my political commitment”.

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Fanny Levesque

Fanny Levesque

“Now, my goal is to become a Jean-Lesage Member of Parliament,” said Mr. Robert. After more than fifteen years of gravitating behind the scenes of the political world, Dominic Anglesey’s deputy leader believes he is ripe for a new challenge.

His candidacy for Quebec’s Liberal Party will be confirmed Wednesday by the leader during a press conference in Quebec.

“A citizen’s deputy office is often a last resort,” notes Philippe Couillard, former director of media relations. He also served in the cabinet of former ministers Laurent Lessard and Lise Theriault. “I need to get it back, I need to work with the world,” he added.

Charles Robert has temporarily stepped down from his Anglade in September 2021 for health reasons. It was only when he returned to office on August 8 that the Quebec Liberal Party asked him to run for the Quebec City at-large. Pres.

He made his choice in Jean-Lesage, a riding uncertain for the Liberals, who are currently in fifth place, according to the Qc125 projection platform. Jean-Lesage has owned Sol Zanetti of Quebec Solitaire since 2018, a second term in office.

According to Qc125, the battle could well play out between Quebec Solitaire and Coalition Avenir Quebec, which received 34 and 33% of voting intentions as of August 12. Quebec’s Conservative Party reaps 16%. “We’ve never done well in the polls, we’ve been in office for four terms,” ​​Mr. Puts Robert forward.

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“The job I want to do is mobilize the Jean-Lesage Liberals, and the only party that can stand against the CAQ is not Quebec Solidaire, it’s the Liberal Party. I don’t think the job is easy, it’s not easy. These challenges, you have to take them head on,” said the new Liberal. Candidate continues.

Jean-Lesage was the head of the Quebec Liberal Party from 2003 to 2007, then from 2008 to 2018. Charles Robert also says he is “close” to André Drolet, Jean-Lesage’s Liberal MP for 10 years.

According to his LinkedIn account, Charles Robert left the political field in 2019 after defeating Levesque Strategies lobbyist Philippe Couillard for about a year. He was a consultant to Philippe Couillard from 2012 to 2018.

For its part, the CAQ is re-instating Christiane Gamache, a candidate from the world of academia, to please Jean-Lesage again from unity. The Parti Québécois is counting on entrepreneur Michel Potvin and the Conservative Party of Quebec’s Denis Peter, a former candidate for Quebec 21 at the municipal level and head of the PCQ.