September 25, 2022

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Quebec Tramway: Three new shared streets

The tramway at Vieux-Limoilou and Maizerets will change the rotation in these districts and lead to the establishment of three new shared streets. Some trips by car still take a couple of minutes, however Quebec downgrades the city.

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This is not only the rue de la Couronne, Cartier Port (boulevard René-Lévesque) and Saint-Charles-Garnier, which have to deal with 20 km / h street where vehicles share the same location as cyclists and pedestrians.

During a lengthy technical presentation on the details of future tram insertion between the Saint-Roch Pole and the D’Estimauville Pole, the Tramway Project Office confirmed yesterday that the shared streets in Limoilou will also see daylight.

Note that a major route change was announced in April 2021. The Legault government wanted to bet on the D’Estimauville pole rather than betting on the Charlesburg sector until ’76.e The project office was forced to re-draw board for Rs.

To control space shortages and acquisitions, three new sections of shared streets will be created at a total distance of 750 meters (See map)

Keep in mind that motorists approaching the district of Limoyillo from the Droin Bridge will now be diverted to 3 p.m.e Passers-by on the opposite side of the street can use 4e The street will become a one-way street. City will demolish a service station at this junction and a hardware store to build Station 3.e Ave.

“Unimportant” effects

Daniel Genest, the project’s big boss, promises that changes in traffic patterns will have “small” effects on travel time or through traffic.

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“Yes, it does have an impact on local traffic, but I’m telling you that there is no impact on travel time, and that’s what you need to keep in mind,” he stressed, promising increased security and calming traffic on many smaller streets.

In the worst case scenario, motorists traveling in 3e Avenue, north of 4th Street, and users of the Montmorency Axis (between Camin de la Conardier and D’Estimaville) can see their travel time increase by approximately 2 minutes to 30 minutes, according to traffic surveys.

“There are places where it’s good, but where it’s long, we talk about two minutes … we will not be fooled by all the benefits it gives.” No one wasted their day, ”Mayor Bruno Markand summed up, referring to a“ margin ”effect.

Low expectation

The mayor also said he was confident he would not face opposition in the upper city with shared streets. In Limoilou, he says, there is a “big hunger” for this kind of growth. “I’m not afraid it’s going to be a disaster. I think it’s positive and even highly appreciated.”

“We feel that what we are offering today will be well received by Vieux-Limoilou’s citizens and businesses,” said Daniel Genest, who said he felt “open-minded” during last week’s public consultation.

Additional information sessions are scheduled for next week to explain in detail these changes to residents of the affected neighborhoods.

Opposition leader Claude Villeneuve, who was satisfied with the proposed arrangements, did not expect a shout out in Limoyillo or in the Mysore district he represents in the town hall.

The setting up of a railway station in the Party Sector area was confirmed yesterday by information that had been on the project’s website and route map for some time.

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Details for Vieux-Limoilou and Maizerets have been announced

The city of Quebec yesterday released several details regarding the insertion of tramways in Vieux-Limoilou and Maizerets. In April 2021, this 3km area was replaced by the 5.5km section that was supposed to go to Charlesburg.

No stimulus parking at D’Estimaville

Unlike the Le Gendre Terminus at the west end of the lane, the D’Estimauville East Terminal does not have car parks and riding facilities. “One purpose is to replace the D’Estimauville sector and remove some parking pools. Inspiring parking is a hot island, ”explained Daniel Genest, director of the project office, recalling the presence of an ecological district in the area. At first, Quebec leader Claude Villanueva was not angry. He also mentioned that citizens can use the existing parking lots in the area.

Disappearance of parking spaces

The new upgrade will result in the disappearance of 470 parking spaces at the new branch, 169 at Vieux-Limoilou and 301 at Maizerets. However, there is no need to worry, the corporation said. The Merchant administration insists that “there is free parking on these streets (with or without a sticker) so this loss can be absorbed”. We remind you that the average occupancy rate of street parking is 44% and in this sector it does not exceed 58%.


Mayor of Quebec, Bruno Merchant

Photo by Didier Debusschere

Mayor of Quebec, Bruno Merchant

For this 3km area, between Saint-Roch Interchange and D’Estimauville, 38 property acquisitions are planned, i.e. 33 area acquisitions and a total of five. Mayor Markand did not expect this to provoke major debates. “So far, the results have been decisive. In most acquisitions, we have become accustomed to,” he said. The five buildings are all located at 4 p.m.e Street. Of the five, two have good traditional value.

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292 trees fell

At the crossing of Vieux-Limoilou and D’Estimauville, 292 of the 1,708 trees will be cut down as the tramway passes. Of this number, there are 55 ash trees (which will disappear due to disease) and 64 trees and shrubs are eligible for “replacement”. The municipality administration has promised to plant 20 trees for each missing tree. Thus it is possible to plant 5840 to compensate for the losses incurred in this part of the road.

Noise and vibration

In this section, there will be a little more noise on the sector (as 15 bus platforms are planned) in D’Estima and on 4th Avenue. Mitigation measures will be taken to reduce the impact. “In 54% of the route announced today [hier], Mayor Markand stressed that we are reducing the noise compared to the current. At 36%, we are in the current areas. The remaining 10%, where the noise is high, is not significant, but significant enough to try to reduce it. The city of Quebec is reminded that the volume of sound throughout the 19.3 km route complies with the recommendations of the World Health Organization. No vibration problems were reported.

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