March 28, 2023

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‘Reasonable’ demands from Russia | The comments of the leader of the Green Party of Quebec are reacting to the people

The comments by the leader of the Quebec Green Party that Russia’s demands were “justified” and “accepted” caused a strong backlash.

Released at 6:47 p.m.

Leah Carrier

Leah Carrier

Quebec Green Party leader Alex Tyrell used words used by Russian President Vladimir Putin on social media to describe Russia’s demands, including the “denationalization” of Ukraine.

He added that the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula and the sovereignty of the pro-Russian regions of Donetsk and Luhansk should be “accepted by Western countries and the Ukrainian government.”

The immediate release of the proclamation condemning the Russian invasion in one breath and calling for an end to the conflict on both sides of the conflict provoked strong reactions. Its author has been accused of playing into the hands of the Kremlin, whose military offensive is aimed at liberating Ukraine from the “Nazis.”

In the interview Press, Mr. Tyrell avoided publishing the Russian campaign. “The connections between the Ukrainian government and the neo-Nazi movement are well documented,” he said. “This is a real problem.”

However, this myth has been dispelled more than once by the American organization Newscard, which fights misinformation. Ukraine has an extreme right-wing organization, but very little political power. In the 2019 presidential election, the far-right Nationalist Party candidate Ruslan Koshulinsky received just 1.6% of the vote.

Concerned about the expansion between NATO and Moscow, the Greens leader believes Western nations should “engage in peace talks.” He argues that “compromises” must be made “on both sides.”

“It is very dangerous for the people to suggest in the public debate that Canada should go to war against Russia,” he added. For now, NATO does not want to deploy troops on Ukrainian soil.

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Strong reactions

On Twitter, the Minister of the Environment called on the Green leader to apologize to the Benoit Chart, Ukrainian and Jewish communities in the fight against climate change and racism in Quebec.

“We all escape at times. There, you have solidly escaped … The only thing to do in the situation is to acknowledge and apologize, especially to Ukrainians and Jews and from here on out, ”the CAQ MP wrote.

The “serious” responses to Alex Tyrell’s initial visit forced him to clarify his position in a second statement released on Saturday, in which he reiterated his condemnation of the Russian invasion.

“I am a pacifist who opposes the war. I speak in support of peace in order to prevent further violence, bombings, killings and fighting in Ukraine,” he underlined.

His position would have been supported by many colleagues within the party, though the leader says without naming them. Halimato Bah, Vice President of the Green Party of Quebec, Mr. In response to Tyrrell’s ouster, he simply pointed out that the party was “pacifist” and “against the occupation of Ukraine by Russia.”

With Alice Girard-Boss, Press