November 29, 2023

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Reasons Why Most Online Blackjack Players Lose

Blackjack is the game that everyone enjoys. It’s among the most player-friendly casino games, and it is available on most online casinos. Depending on your skills and techniques, you can win or lose a game. Unfortunately, many people make mistakes when playing blackjack, and these blunders can cause them to lose money.

And here comes our first piece of advice. Always play at checked and proven blackjack casino sites. Though, not in our list below, the first step to a failure is playing at suspicious sites. You can find some of the best casinos to play online blackjack on this page here.  

Now, when you know that illegal blackjack sites are a no go, let’s check what other reasons may lead to you losing money at an online blackjack game.

Ignoring some basic rules

The majority of gamers simply take the first available blackjack seat they come across. Since not all blackjack games are made equal, this is a common blunder. An excellent balance of player-friendly regulations may be found in several games.

Doubling down after pair splitting if the dealer stands on soft 17 is one of the favorable rules. Other games feature-poor regulations, such as paying 6-5 to a player in blackjack or doubling only on 10 or 11 alone.

An online casino manager isn’t likely to recommend his more player-friendly games to you. That is entirely your responsibility. As a result, before starting to play, a player should review the regulations. There are some basic rules you should be aware of beforehand. On a soft 17, does the online casino hit or stand?  Is it possible to surrender? A player’s fate can be sealed by competing at a table with terrible regulations.

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Utilizing oddball strategies

Unless you’re utilizing a card counting method, learning and implementing blackjack tactics is relatively simple. Every gambler believes there is a technique to quickly defeat dealers. They constantly end up devising new techniques to overcome the house advantage.

However, these ludicrous methods have little effect on their game. As a result, you should familiarize yourself with the game’s rules and techniques. These are strategies that can assist you in identifying the best opportunity to win the game.

Double down mistakes

Another common error made by blackjack players is doubling down in the incorrect scenario. In other instances, players may fail to double down at the right time. When you make a mistake determining whether or not to split pairs, it loses you money.

This is the same case when you make a mistake deciding whether or not to double down. However, there is a simple and inexpensive technique to ensure that you never make another double down error. Before playing online blackjack, gamers should master this method.

Chasing loses

Nobody enjoys going through a losing streak. However, because blackjack is a game with a negative expectations, losses are inevitable. Some athletes, though, refuse to acknowledge their defeats. They keep playing as though they’re on the verge of winning. Nobody, except for advantage gamblers, is ever guaranteed a win at blackjack. Even the strongest amateur players suffer a house edge of roughly 0.5 percent.

Of all, with only a 0.5 percent house edge, you have a good chance of winning in any given session. However, making money still requires a little chance. The notion that anyone is ever due for a win is incorrect. One of the reasons why online blackjack players lose is because they pursue losses with this attitude.

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Accepting insurance

Insurance is one heinous act that casinos have ever perpetrated. When you have a decent hand, insurance capitalizes on a psychological trick that helps blackjack players believe they can break even. However, it just increases the amount of money lost by every blackjack player that takes insurance.

You ought to know two things to comprehend why insurance is bad. To begin, you should understand that losing a decent hand to a dealer’s blackjack is likely to annoy you. The casino, on the other hand, takes full advantage of your annoyance. The second thing you should realize is that insurance is unrelated to your hand.

Overdependence on luck to win

Most casino games, such as slot machines, poker, and blackjack, rely heavily on luck to win. However, depending solely on luck when playing blackjack will not help you win.

This is because you must devise successful methods to win the game. You may render your game more fun by developing evaluations and tactics. It also helps you have a better gambling experience. 

The one-dollar fix

The majority of players’ blackjack errors may be corrected for $1 or less. And you only need to pay the money once to get the fix each time you play blackjack.

The basic blackjack fix we’re discussing is known as strategy. A blackjack strategy card may be purchased for around $1. You can find the proper method stated in a chart that you can print for free in a variety of locations online.

The optimum move for each circumstance is presented on a blackjack strategy chart or card. The card depicts every possible hand you may have, as well as every card the casino could have.

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Every hand you play can benefit from the usage of your strategy chart or card. It ensures that you’re making the best possible selection in terms of average return on investment. To put it another way, the vast majority of online blackjack gamers lose because they never use this chart or card.

Failure to enroll in the VIP Program

VIP benefits allow players to get something in return for their wagering. Online casinos frequently provide casino comps, which pay out a percentage of a gambler’s total bets in various instances.

Regrettably, most online blackjack players do not take advantage of these benefits since they do not join the VIP program. After all, before being compensated, gamblers must first join the players club.


Blackjack is still the easiest casino game. As a result, it’s difficult to hold people who make mistakes in this game accountable. Those who truly know, on the other hand, are just being unreasonable when they continue to make the same mistakes.

Fortunately, all of these errors may be corrected with a little effort. Online blackjack gamers that put in the effort to develop will reap the rewards in the form of more winnings.