August 12, 2022

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Ridiculous calls to 911

While responding to emergency calls is the essence of paramedics’ work, many others dial 911 for completely outlandish reasons. Some excuses are laughable, but others reveal the isolation and loneliness of many seniors.

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“During the holidays it is very common for us to respond to outlandish calls, such as changing the batteries of a television controller,” says Mario Brunet, department manager of Urgences-santé. At that point we have a social worker role, we change them, the batteries, but when we do that, people need to understand that we’re not responding to a person in cardiopulmonary arrest. »

In such situations, which are unfortunately all too common, paramedics take little time to talk to people and pinpoint the real problem.

Experts feel many times some seniors call an ambulance because it’s the only way they can see and talk to a person.

Self-diagnosis and flatulence

This also includes fake doctors doing “self-exams” on the Internet. 17 years of experience Mr. According to Brunet, they have continued to proliferate in recent years.

“I’ve already taken a patient for an incision,” he says with a smile. The man wanted to go to the hospital because he had read on Google that it could be contagious. And to make matters worse, his family followed us in the car behind. »

Many people also use paramedics as taxi drivers to get to medical appointments.

Even Mario Brunet often saw patients waiting for an ambulance on the sidewalk with a small suitcase in their hand.

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Hiccups, fan that no longer works, smelly air; People get creative when calling 911 for non-emergency reasons. Few people hope to find their better half.

“I once answered a call for a woman who wanted to remove her compression stockings. We quickly understood that she had finally found us as she wanted and that she wanted us to come back to see her. »

Not fast in the emergency room

But year after year, the most popular bogus excuse for calling 911 is the hope of getting quick treatment in the emergency room.

“It’s a myth, a sheer myth,” said the Siddha doctor. My power stops when I take you out of the ambulance. After that, the triage nurse decides. Arriving by ambulance will not speed up the process. »

At this time, assistants have no choice when it comes to answering calls. If a person wants to be taken to the hospital, they will be.

However, the situation could change, with the government announcing at the end of March that it intends to create a professional order for paramedics as part of its health plan. This initiative will give them additional powers.

Bad reasons to call an ambulance

Urgences-santé serving the Montreal and Laval regions receive an average 1000 calls per day. As requested record, The organization has compiled a list 12 excuses A really fun way to call 911.

1. For a romantic date or to revisit a beautiful companion

2. To obtain a prescription for a drug (as is done in other countries)

3. To rush to the emergency room (a pure myth)

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4. For his sick animal

5. to a scratch

6. “Taxi” to a medical appointment

7. For stubbing your toe

8. Raise the pillow of an uncomfortable person

9. As the fan stopped working

10. A last minute trip to the airport

11. For his dead goldfish

12. To a skunk in the backyard

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