August 16, 2022

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Risk of severe thunderstorms: Several areas to watch today

A low pressure system ignites the powder. Sweeping Quebec risks creating upwelling at both ends (warm, in front of the depression, and cold, behind it).

Abundant energy is available to most of the region due to high humidity and heat. So the formation of cells will be encouraged, and the latter will be much stronger.

Parts of western Quebec, such as the Outauais and Laurentians, may be more vulnerable to violent storms. Lanaudière can also be added to the list. The risk of circulation must also be considered.

for now, Severe Thunderstorm Warnings Temiscouata and Abitibi have been provided for, and many other fields have been put on hold.

In general, energy is concentrated in the St. Lawrence Valley, including Montreal and Quebec City.

Severe thunderstorms, downpours and large hail are possible during the day. The heat is extreme: temperatures can reach 30°C in the afternoon, with a humidity factor approaching 40 in the southern Quebec sector.

Stained water

The end of the scorching sun

The good news: Passing through this obstacle will release oppressive moisture. Temperatures are expected to be near 30 early in the week.

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