November 28, 2021

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RTC and STLévis: Towards “fare integration” of the two transport companies

While not denying that the two transport companies Quebec and Lewis will merge one day, Mayors Bruno Mercant and Gilles Lehoulier said they would like to quickly implement “fare integration” to make public transportation more attractive in the region.

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It was revealed at an hour-long meeting held under the sign of cooperation organized on Tuesday at the Hotel de Ville in Quebec. With much smile, the two mayors expressed themselves in support of the tariff integration of Réseau de transport de la Capitale (RTC) and Société de Transports de Lévis (STLévis).

Although precise definitions of this integration are defined, MM. Merchant and Lehoulier explained that a passenger can use the same bus ticket to travel from one bank to another. “If we want to change the role of public transport, we need standardized and accessible pricing. If your people pay for public transport two or three times, they will not use it,” Mr. Lehoulier explained.

Thinking about citizens

Mr. According to Marchand, “We do not want the public transportation from Lewis and Quebec to be thought of as talking to two different companies. We want people to use public transportation easily.

During the negotiations between the two, there was no question of a formal connection between the two transport companies. It said, “We are not closed to the idea,” Mayor Marsand said. Instead of thinking about our (transport) communities, we think about citizens. We will adapt to ensure that our communities interact better. ”

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In addition, the two mayors agreed to negotiate with the Legault government to allow bicycles to travel “two-way” on the Quebec Bridge. This can be done without cutting off the roads for cars, they insisted.

Asked about the tram and 3e Link, the two were stuck in their respective positions. Mr. Lehouillier has renewed his support for Reseau express de la Capitale (REC), which significantly includes two mega-projects. On Monday evening Mr. Lewis’ mayor was not bothered by Marchand’s statement either. According to it the tram can be independent of the third connection.

Mr. According to Marchand, the two talked about the need for the entire region to be economically attractive and the importance of creating a “very strong cultural and tourist center”.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Quebec mayor had already said that the two cities would harm each other if they decided to compete. “In Quebec, we can’t think of being alone in the world,” he said. There is nothing next to us and we cannot think that others are following us. We want to create a strong economic center, a strong region.

Absent for a long time

On Tuesday morning, Lewis’ mayor, Gilles Lehoulier, stepped back into the Hotel de Ville in Quebec for the first time in a long time.

“I don’t remember it anymore!” Its last arrival may have been in the spring of 2017, just days before the Express Bus Service (SRB) project was abandoned. Moreover, it was this file that caused a protracted disagreement with Regis Lேbez, the former representative of Quebec.

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On Tuesday, Mr. Lehouillier said he wants to see the future and work closely with his new friend. “I’m in a good mood. I have a lot in common with Bruno because we worked together in the community,” he quit, adding that when he was president of central Quebec and Sauer-Appalachian, Mr.

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