March 29, 2023

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Saber Attack in Old Quebec | Carl Giroward’s lawyer refers to an expert’s “short life”

(Quebec) The lawyer for Old Quebec’s Swordsman has repeatedly cited the experience of a Crown expert in cross-examination, arguing that Carl Giroward was not unconscious at the time he killed two innocent people.

Released at 5:29 p.m.

Gabriel Bland

Gabriel Bland

“Have you seen this often, Mission Delirium in your short life?” Asked Pierre Cognon, a defense attorney for neuropsychologist William Pothier.

MAnd During a rigorous cross-examination in a Quebec court, Cognon also referred to the Crown expert’s “youth training” in another question.

“I have already met patients with this type of dizziness. It is difficult to say how many times,” replied D.R. பொத்தியர்.

“I suggest to you that it is very rare for Mr. Giroward to be prime minister?”

The neuropsychologist who spent nearly seven hours with the accused comes to a conclusion that undermines the defense case. According to him, Carl Giroward was not mentally ill and suffered from fainting during his tragic journey.

On the contrary, he is an avoidable narcissist with anti-social traits.

“We have no clue in the description of a mental disorder,” concludes the neuropsychologist, who gave the killer two psychological tests. Rorsack and The MMPI2.

At cross-examination, However, the crown expert pointed out “ These are not diagnostic tests, you have to be careful, this is not pure science, it is still a question of probability.

Defensive expert and psychiatrist Gilles Chamberland concluded that Girouard Schizophrenic was suffering from a major hallucination caused by video games. He could not tell right from wrong. Jurors will also hear another Crown specialist, psychiatrist Sylvain Foucher this week.

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Remember that the mental state of the accused is central to the actions. Girouard confessed to killing two spectators and injuring five others in Old Quebec on October 31, 2020. But he pleads not guilty to the crime because of a mental illness.