November 30, 2022

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San Francisco 49ers' Trent Williams and Aziz El Shaer deal with multiweek injuries

San Francisco 49ers’ Trent Williams and Aziz El Shaer deal with multiweek injuries

DENVER – The San Francisco 49ers will be without at least two other key players next month due to injuries left by the intervention Trent Williams and the back dear poet Suffered Sunday night in the Denver Broncos loss.

Coach Kyle Shanahan said Monday that Williams will likely miss four to six weeks with a high right ankle sprain and that Poet will miss about eight weeks with a right knee sprain.

Shanahan said none of the players is expected to undergo surgery. A more accurate timeline will not be known to Williams until the swelling in his ankle is gone.

“High ankles are usually, as they say, four to six [weeks] But sometimes it can be faster and sometimes it can be longer, which is why we didn’t have an exact date,” Shanahan said.

Because of what Shanahan described as “very bad” swelling, the Niners will also be waiting to see if he puts Williams in the injured reserve. Shanahan indicated that teams only get a certain number of players (eight) who can go to the injured reserve and return after four weeks in each season. And because San Francisco already has at least three players who can come back from the injured reserve (Back Elijah Mitchellsafety Jimmy Ward and end Jordan Willis) and most likely will have to use the fourth in the poet, he’d rather not do that with Williams.

“Hopefully we don’t have to,” Shanahan said. “You only get a lot of those and we want to make sure we save those… We’ll see how it goes. If it’s over, we’re leaning toward longer, we may have to make that decision.”

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The poet’s situation is clearer because his injury is similar to that suffered by Mitchell in the first week’s loss to the Chicago Bears.

“[It’s] Very similar to what Elijah did, Shanahan said. “I know we introduced Elijah – our guess was about eight weeks.”

Williams was injured with 9:53 on the left in the third quarter after the Broncos defensive tackle DJ Jones Rolled into the back of his right leg. A cart was brought to take Williams to the locker room but he refused and limped into the tunnel with the help of Niners’ medical staff.

Al-Shaer’s injury came with a 4:43 exit in the second quarter.

Initially called Niners Jaylon Moorea fifth-round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, to intervene in Williams’ favour but later switched to Colton McKevitzwho was a fifth-round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. McKevitz would likely be the next man to replace Williams, and he would have played against the Broncos had it not been for his practical ankle injury last week, according to Shanahan.

49ers also expect to have a linear factor Daniel Brunskill He returned to practice this week after a hamstring injury cost him his first three games, although Shanahan indicated he would not be a candidate to replace Williams.

“I was expecting McKewits to go,” Shanahan said. “That’s probably what would have happened last week from the start if he hadn’t been busted in practice and lost all those reps. Most likely it would have been, and hopefully we can get Dan back to help us inside.”

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Demetrius Flanigan Falls He intervened for the Bard against the Broncos, scoring three interventions for the loss.