November 28, 2021

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Secularism and Critical Thought: CAQ Culture and Quebec Citizenship Study

The new course will be divided into three components: culture, Quebec citizenship and critical thinking, and its themes will spread over time depending on the age of the students.

The first part aims to bring in students Understand the culture of communities, By providing a space Priority To Quebec culture. So it will be possible to study the foundations, evolution and specialties of Quebec, said Mr. Roberz.

Our young people will have the opportunity to discover Quebec culture, get to know it, and I will say it and love it.

A quote:Jean-Franசois Robert, Quebec Minister of Education

Part Two – The purpose of the project in a sense, According to the Minister – will try to prepare the youth Quebec Citizenship TrainingEmphasizes company values. Indigenous cultures will be particularly discussed.

It will be about self-respect and respect for others, gender equality, freedom of expression, freedom of conscience, rights and freedoms, but also the responsibilities of everyone in society.

The course should also refer to sexual representation in public, This is even more so, including sexual violence, As well as challenges related to environmental and digital issues, including social media and fake news, he continued.

The curriculum also aims to introduce students to democratic and judicial institutions in Quebec.

As for the third axis, it aims to develop students ’critical thinking. Through conversation training, By dealing with moral embarrassments and by positioning oneself on religious, social issues or coming from different cultures.

Greater social cohesion

The Minister firmly believes that this option exists To control the growing polarity in our society And lead to better social cohesion.

Democracy is not a consensus, it is a possibility to discuss the future we share, society and the world in general. It accepts disagreement. He is normal.

A quote:Jean-Franசois Robert, Quebec Minister of Education

Jean-Franசois Roberge regrets that the comments currently being made in Quebec do not have the nuances.

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All white or all black. There are good ones and there are bad ones. It is not conducive to conversational and respectful exchanges. There are calls for censorship, disrespect on social media, attacks on free speech. […] In Quebec, we are sure we can do better, he said.

For Jean-Franசois Roberc, ethics and religious-cultural curriculum need modernization because it Planned films that are often stereotyped And defined the identity associated with the religious community of the individual. This ProAccording to the minister, Quebec violates values.

The old syllabus brought up discussion and ethics, but at times prevented the questioning of certain principles. Everything should be open for discussion and debate.

A quote:Jean-Franசois Robert, Quebec Minister of Education

The result of a consultation

According to Jean-Bernard Almond, Parliamentary Assistant to Education, the curriculum was initially subject to public consultation. Severe. This was undertaken by the government in 2020 to reverse the trendECR.

Then the consultation took place Criticized by the opposition when announced. Both the Liberal Party and the Quebec Solidarity Workers talked about a process Rainfall.

CourseECRFounded in 2008, it has been heavily criticized by many groups, particularly for promoting multiculturalism.

An online consultation was started before writing the new syllabus, and two more were organized face to face, In Quebec City and Montreal, in addition to a virtual consultation with tribal communities.

The Ministry of Education received 200 abstracts on this topic.

The test will be conducted gradually in elementary and middle classes from the beginning of the 2022 school year, but only on a voluntary basis. It will be expanded to all schools in Quebec by 2023.

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The Minister also wants to assure teachers who are concerned about the high workload that this could represent that they will be provided with training in the course and embracing teaching materials.

However, no additional teachers will be hired to implement the new curriculum. About $ 3 million a year over three years will be invested in the implementation of culture and Quebec citizenship.

A plan with a political purpose?

The National Federation of Teachers of Quebec (FNEEQ-CSN) expresses serious concern The union said in a statement after Minister Roberg’s announcement.

What should be prevented at all costs with this change is a year before the provincial election, the tool of education for political purposes.Supported the vice president FNEEQCSNLeandre Lapoint.

The union also considers the course The table is so widely adapted that more time should be given. He warned that adequate training for teachers would be very important.

Normand Belarusian, philosopher and columnist, he was more interested. I think there are great reasons to celebrate what was announced todayHe started with an interview with ICI RTI.

Mr. According to Belarusian ethics and interesting elements of religious culture lesson are often preserved, Especially in terms of ethics and critical thinking. He also welcomed the fact that religions no longer have an important place in trends but are approached as a part of culture.

Noting the positive aspects of the new curriculum, Line Dupe, interim president of the Quebec Association of Ethics and Religious Culture (AQEC), questioned the relevance of the new reform, which, in his opinion, takes on antiquity. It is unworthy of denying a project that Quebeckers should be proud of, She arguedECR.

Although he likes the idea of ​​teaching young people how our companies work, Mr. The Belarusian, however, called for vigilance. The danger of intellectual instruction and the danger of political propaganda.

The program is written and the content verification process begins with the authors. Full details will be known next spring.

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