October 7, 2022

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Severe Thunderstorms: Chance of hail, strong winds and tornadoes

A risk of severe thunderstorms

Today, severe thunderstorms are possible in Quebec. A low pressure area will sweep across the province. The passage of a front may produce a few cells, the strongest of which appear in Outois, Abitibi, and Temiscamingu. Areas further east may also see action, although the risk is low.

Hail, strong winds, tornadoes are possible

These cells can produce strong winds, hail and tornado energy in southeastern Ontario. Current models indicate that the risk is spread over much of Quebec. The APDP sector is particularly affected by the risk of large hailstorms.


But the area to visit is near the Ontario border. Although the temperature is cold and the available energy in the atmosphere is low, the path of the front can be strong enough to produce violent thunderstorms.


Still raining

Southern Quebec also gets rain. So Estrie could get up to 30mm of rain and Nord-du-Quebec up to 50mm, especially around Chibukama.


In collaboration with meteorologist Alexandra Giroux.

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