December 4, 2022

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She left her children for Mother’s Day

A mother suffering from an incurable neurodegenerative disease fears that her last Mother’s Day will be separated from her children, a day celebration tainted by Govt-19, which happened to his wife and one of their sons.

Valérie Garneau, 47, said Mother’s Day is an important celebration. She suffers from Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) and does not know what her future condition will be.

“When I have a good time, I can’t help but wonder if this is the last time. Unfortunately this year, I will not be able to see my loved ones for Mother’s Day, ”he said in an email as he had difficulty expressing himself.

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Discovered in 2020, the Lewis resident is in a way a prisoner of his body. “I know my condition and my deterioration. However, I do not want to entertain my children who meet me without being able to interact with them. “

On a daily basis, although she is very interested in reading, she spends most of her day listening to the series. “I’m in more and more pain. I spend my days in a wheelchair, and it’s hard for me to keep a book.”

Apparently, Ms. Corneo says she cannot accept her illness but must learn to live with it. “I’m often angry, I’m wondering: why I? I had a lot to achieve. I want to continue to work and give back to the community,” said the former finance director for the Group Gorneo oncologist in Saudier-Appalachian.

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Mrs. One of Corneo’s children uses the 5th generation of the family as a professional oncologist. The latter finds it very difficult not to be able to practice this profession with his son. “I would have had a lot of things to show him. I said I was proud to think of my children. I want to be supportive of them in their lives as parents. I want them to remember that I am a fighter and I tell them to always help others no matter what the situation.

Valérie Garneau lives day by day because her future is at risk of being reduced. “I do not know what will happen tomorrow.” The life expectancy of people with this disease is usually 5 to 10 years. Oncologist Valérie Garneau created the fund, which allows researchers to diagnose cures. He also wants to raise awareness about the disease through these funds.

“One day a solution will be found. My dream is that I will leave my mark on this discovery.”

Those wishing to contribute to the fund can visit this link: