October 7, 2022

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Strategic Voting | Anglade invites Legault to “stop,” Nadeau-Dubois finds her “in quick business.”

Dominique Anglade did an amazing thing on Tuesday: He commented on the latest Leger poll, which puts François Legault ahead with 38% of voting intentions. Two weeks before the election, the Liberal leader has called for a strategic vote to “block” the CAQ leader. Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, for his part, rejects any call for a strategic referendum.

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Fanny Levesque

Fanny Levesque

Hugo Pilon LaRose

Hugo Pilon LaRose

“I’m going to do something politicians never do: I’m going to comment on the polls,” he said immediately during an interview on WKND 99.5 FM.

“What strikes me is that you have 62% of Quebecers who do not want François Legault as prime minister. 62% larger. That is because we are all separated. What I want to see is that we can come together and stop François Legault,” continued the leader of the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ).

According to a Léger poll published on Tuesday in Quebecor media, the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) receives 38% of voting intentions. The PLQ, Québec solidaire and the Québec Conservative Party tied for the first time with 16%. The Parti Québécois brings up the rear with 13% of the vote. The exercise was conducted from September 16 to 18 face to face of VAT.

Dominic Anglade admits that “roughly speaking”, the needle on voting intentions is “unmoved” for him or his opponents from the opposition parties. The Liberal leader called for strategic voting two weeks before the Oct. 3 election. “Should we rally around the Liberal Party? asked host Melanie Maynard. “Well, why not?” the Liberal leader replied.

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“There’s no point in looking at it. [La CAQ] End up with a huge number of seats,” he added. According to the Qc125 projection site, a CAQ government could win almost a hundred seats out of 125 on October 3. “We need to wake up, we need to wake up,” the Liberal leader said.

We must unite to stop François Legault, that is the message I am sending.

Dominique Anglade, leader of the Quebec Liberal Party

“We must unite. Personally, I continue to say that we must come together and that what I offer to Quebecers and our listeners is to bring the world together. Come together, we will have discussions to get a leadership that will make us cooperate,” he argued, inviting Quebecers to choose his political choice.

Nadeau-Dubois invites you to vote for QS

Photo by Patrice Laroche, The Sun

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois

Quebec solidaire’s parliamentary leader Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois said Tuesday that his Liberal opponent “gets down to business quickly.”

“There is one more debate on Thursday, two weeks of campaigning, and many more things are possible. We will continue to campaign and talk about our social plan,” he said Tuesday during a press conference at the Viau in Montreal, which is currently run by the Liberal Party.

Mr. Nadeau-Dubois added: “Calls for a strategic referendum, we’ll see that the day before the election. It’s time to talk about our plan for Quebecers. »

In his view, a strategic compromise between the Parti Québécois and the Quebec Solidaire was impossible. On Monday, during a public meeting, he was questioned when an activist was concerned that the two independent parties were divided on votes.

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“I invite people to vote for Quebec Solider in 125 ridings. That is good, we have 125 candidates and the rest,” he said, recalling that the Liberals did not have a candidate in the riding of Madane-Matapedia.

Focus on updating

For the past two days, Dominique Anglade has been insisting that under his leadership, the PLQ is “renewing” itself to distance itself from its predecessors and the last Couillard government marked by its austerity policies. “It could be the name of an average functioning party, the Liberal Party, maybe if you call it: ‘It’s no longer Philippe Couillard’s party, it would have done better,'” the presenter began in an amused tone.

“I hear this message, to all the people who write to you, I want to tell them: that’s it, the renewal of a political formation”, mr.me Anglade before insisting that “a few representatives represent themselves”. Most liberal players, such as Pierre Arcand, Gaétan Barrette and Carlos Leitão, did not seek new terms.

“Marva Riski, Isabelle Melancon, Manchef Terraji, who is staying there… a lot of new people are coming. I’m thinking of an Alexandra Veilleux named Mathieu Gratton who never voted Liberal in her life. They never voted for liberalism, the ones who come with us [qu’ils croient] In this update,” he added.