November 30, 2023

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Sunday minimum wage increase

Sunday minimum wage increase

Cubs, who receive the minimum wage as of Sunday, will benefit from an increase in income as of Sunday, with an increase of $ 0.75 per hour.

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So the basic pay would be $ 13.50 to $ 14.25 per hour.

According to Quebec, the increase will only benefit 300,000 workers.

The minimum wage for tips increases by 60 cents to $ 11.40 an hour.

According to the Journal, by 2021, 60% of the minimum wage workers will be between the ages of 15 and 24, and 70% will be engaged in retail, accommodation or food services.

In 2021, one in two (47%) worked for a company of less than 20 people for $ 13.50 an hour, and 62% were part-time.

Nine out of 10 employees have no children and 30% do not have a high school diploma in their pocket.

As Minister of Labor, Employment and Social Solidarity Jean Boulet told parliament last month, the increase should not be the last.

“If the average hourly wage rises as expected, we’re $ 15 (per hour) (…) and we’re going to go for it.

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