May 24, 2022

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Tamara Lich, the main organizer of the convoy in Ottawa, wants to get out of jail

Ottawa | Tamara Lich, the main organizer of the Ottawa siege, appeared in court again today and sought to convince a judge to release her on bail.

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He calls for a review of last week’s verdict by an Ontario court judge, Julie Bourgeois, who refused to release her pending trial last week, fearing she could be charged again.

Before another judge, his lawyer questioned the impartiality of Judge Bourgeoisie, indicating that the magistrate had contested for the Liberal Party of Canada in 2011.

He also argues that his client’s meds state is not fully considered.

The lawyer states that his client wants to return to Alberta with his children and grandchildren and that he wants to look for his job.

A former oil worker, Lich later became involved in politics with the Alberta separatist party. Shortly after his arrival in Ottawa as secretary of the Maverick Party, he devoted himself to the convoy, pointing out that he would remain in the federal capital “no matter how long it took”.

He says he took leave from work to participate in the convoy and is now on unpaid leave.

Litch was the instigator of the so-called “independent convoy” crowdfunding campaign. Alberton, 49, has also been a key figure in the movement since day one. She faces criminal charges for advising others to do wrong.

There are also criminal cases against two organizers. Chris Barber has been released on bail, while Pat King is in jail for questioning.