October 1, 2022

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The apartments that politicians went to … and the virus

Experts argue that candidates running in the by-elections on Mary-Victor’s ride should avoid traditional visits to apartments for the elderly because of the risks associated with the Govt-19.

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“We have to control ourselves in this type of activity because it’s a very dangerous place. The most vulnerable people find themselves there,” said virologist Benoit Barbie from the beginning.

Yesterday, Coalition Avenir Québec candidate Shirley Dorismond traveled with Finance Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon to the Habitats Lafayette Retirement Home (RPA) in Longueuil.

After nurse Catherine Fornier, she now wants to be Mayor Mary-Victor’s deputy in Langue.

The by-election is scheduled for April 11. The early voting, which began today, will continue tomorrow.

The Twitter post of this trip, with a photo of MMe Dorismond chatted with the unarmed resident and sparked outrage on social media.


“You need to be well aware of your unwanted attendance at the RPA at full 6And The wave puts the people who live there in danger. You have to be a role model, ”said Natalie Grandwax, a professor of medicine at the University of Montreal.

“If we see multiple candidates circulating through the CHSLDs and RPAs, it risks creating problems,” he said. Barbie argued.

“All the health rules in force during the trip were respected. […] We don’t consider it necessary to comment on such fabrications. “

Note that Liberal candidate Emily Nolet traveled to the RPA Villa Rive-Sud on March 24 with Laporte member Nicole Ménard.

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“Spreads with PA2 and is very contagious, we may have some embarrassment and be responsible for avoiding transmission,” Benoit Barbio noted.

If politicians want to meet the residents of these apartments, it would be wise to meet outside, he said.

“There must be an agreement between all parties not to campaign in the RPAs, thus endangering the seniors who live there and getting them to vote,” Geriatrician David Lucier wrote on Twitter.

National Director of Public Health Dr.R. Luc Boileau is due to present his decision today on the removal of the obligation to wear a mask.

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