September 28, 2022

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The conductors burn until the last drop

Quebec motorists are reluctant to refuel as they often see the road drying out, and these days its price has skyrocketed.

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“It’s very serious. I run out of about a dozen gallons of gas a week, while I’m running out of 10 gallons of gas a month,” said Yannick Ollet-Maynard, executive director of Remorquage Ménard, located in the Verton metropolitan area of ​​Montreal.

Regine Breton.  Leader APDQ

Photo by Dominic Scholey

Regine Breton. Leader APDQ

Many members of the Professional Adjustment Association (APDQ) in Quebec (APDQ), according to its chairman, make a similar observation.

Behavior began to change when the price of a liter broke the psychological barrier of $ 2 last month.

“Motorists who do not have the budget are trying to ‘manage’ their tank gauge in the face of rising fuel prices,” notes Regine Breton, head of APDQ.

At $ 2.23 per liter in Quebec City and $ 2.21 per liter in Montreal on Saturday, the trend strengthened.

Nicolas Martell, Remorquage Larouche’s correspondent in Quebec, said, “People seem to believe that prices will go down.

Transport and diversions

But it says life is dangerous. All that is needed is a traffic jam or unplanned diversion to bring the tank needle down quickly.

On Saturday afternoon alone, his colleagues rescued three vehicles that had run out of gas on the very congested Pierre-Laporte Bridge.

“Maybe I didn’t expect them to get stuck in such severe congestion,” he says.

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In the event of a malfunction, the simplest solution is to dispense a can of petrol to get to the nearest service station.

Distribution malpractice

However, this service included in some CAA-Quebec packages is being misused by drivers.

“They are Call Gas supply to save $ 10, $ 15 or $ 20. Our drivers understand that person is a little cheap and deliberate, ”says Brian.
Dancero, the sender of Car-Pro, is active in Montreal and its environs.

CAA-Quebec’s questions not answered Registration Saturday.

The Ontario branch of the CAA listed 1,004 fuel shortages in May 2022, up from 732 at the same time last year, CTV News reported Saturday.