September 26, 2022

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The deal is too much for an assassin

The broad daylight killing of a former member of an outlaw motorcycle gang was the last straw for police as they redoubled their efforts to track down the killer, Frederick Silva.

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“This happened at a service station in the middle of the day, when innocent people were present and multiple gunshots were fired by stray bullets. The Montreal police then decided to change their strategy,” explained Montreal police Lt. Detective Victor Melo Gomez on Monday.

The investigator testified at the trial of 37-year-old Giovanni Jr. Presta, who opened a trial for first-degree murder in a Montreal court.

According to Crown evidence, the accused helped hitman Frederic Silva kill Sébastien Beauchamp, a former member of the Hells Angels’ school club Rockers.

The murder took place on December 20, 2018 in the Saint-Léonard borough of Montreal. Armed with three handguns, Silva started firing in his direction. The victim was hit four times.

“One of the projectiles was lethal,” explained Me Antoine Piché from the prosecutor.

Vehicles carrying innocent people were also attacked. In all, police found about fifteen envelopes on the floor.

The llama brand was dropped by the shooter.

Photo courtesy of Court

The llama brand was dropped by the shooter.

The police give chase

The gunman then fled. According to the Crown theory, Presta acted as a driver for Silva, who was convicted of first-degree murder.

At the time, Silva was already wanted for another murder a year and a half earlier and for the attempted murder of mobster Salvatore Scopa.

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However, he has always managed to avoid being hunted down by the Montreal Police Department’s Major Crimes Unit.

Robbers came close to capturing him during a trip to the cinema, but Silva managed to escape.

However, the Beauchamp massacre prompted the police to redouble their efforts, including the police unit on organized crime.

“Then we targeted three people [qui auraient pu aider à retrouver Silva]including Giovanni Jr. Presta,” testified Detective Lt.

A 9mm Ruger was also found at the crime scene.

Photo courtesy of Court

A 9mm Ruger was also found at the crime scene.

White Malibu

Dozens of days of body surveillance continued on Presta and other individuals. Every clue was scrutinized, as investigators tried to establish every possible link to find one of Canada’s most wanted criminals.

It was within the framework of this search that police became interested in a white Chevrolet Malibu vehicle with distinctive markings. It turned out to be a rented vehicle and its owner had GPS fitted.

After checking, authorities were able to establish that the vehicle was not far from where Beauchamp was murdered on December 20, 2018.

In CCTV footage, investigator Melo Gomez says he clearly saw the Presta refueling the white Malibu.

One of the weapons recovered was jammed.

Photo courtesy of Court

One of the weapons recovered was jammed.


The search for Silva finally ended in February 2019, when the man was arrested by a tactical intervention team while walking his dog in Montreal.

Prastha, for his part, was arrested a few hours later.

Presta’s trial before Judge Marc-André Blanchard continues throughout the week.

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Recall that Silva, for his part, chose to become an informant and cooperate with the police despite being sentenced to life in prison.

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