July 1, 2022

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The first live summary of the first day

The first live summary of the first day

Experiences of the US World Championship 2022

Tuesday morning heat sheets

The US International Team Trials, which will be this summer’s selection meet, including the June World Championships, will kick off this morning in Greensboro, North Carolina. The first day will include initial races for the 200 Fly and 100 Freebies races. The Women’s 800 Freestyle and the Women’s 1500 Freestyle will also be contested today as a timed final race with the early afternoon swim ahead of the qualifying race in the finals. The race begins at 9 a.m. ET.

Stanford student Reagan Smith She comes first in the women’s 200 fly, and her Olympic teammate Halle Flicker Right behind her with the well-ranked pair ahead of the field. Cal Trenton Julian It comes in first in the men’s 200 fly class, but Georgia is underrated Luca Orlandothe third seed, actually holds the fastest lifespan in the field since high school.

A large number of athletes highlight the women’s 100 freestyle, with der WetzelAnd Tori Husky And Erica Brown Hold the top three seeds. Florida pro Caleb Dresselthe third fastest man ever in the 100 freestyle, holds the top seed on the men’s team.

200 women fly

  • World record: Zige Liu (CHN): 2:01.81 (2009)
  • American Record: Mary DeSenza (2009): 2: 04.14
  • US Open Record: Halle Flicker (US): 2:05.85 (2021)
  • Junior World Record: Suzuka Hasegawa (Japan): 2:06.29 (2017)

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Halle Flicker (Sunday): 2:07.75
  2. Charlotte Hawke (Tack): 2:09.51
  3. Emma Sticklin (TX): 2:09.71
  4. Reagan Smith (not included): 2:09.83
  5. Olivia Carter (MICH): 2:09.84
  6. Rachel Klinker (offline): 2:10.66
  7. Lindsey Looney (not included): 2: 10.80
  8. Amanda Ray (Flor): 2:10.85
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There was a long delay before the third heat due to an apparent error in the timing system, but this did not escape the second seed Halle Flicker, who qualified for the heat wins in 2:07.75. Flickinger finished as the best qualifier.

top seed Reagan Smith She used a strong half back to easily win in 2:09.83. Smith qualified fourth overall after the playoffs.

Charlotte Hawk of the TAC Titans, a high school freshman and Stanford commitment, won the competition in 2:09.51 to advance to second in the overall standings.

200 men fly

  • World record: Christoph Milak (Hon): 1: 50.73 (2019)
  • US Record: Michael Phelps (2009): 1:51.51
  • US Open Record: Michael Phelps (USA): 1:52.20 (2008)
  • Junior world record: Christoph Milak (Hon): 1:53.79 (2017)

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Trenton Julian (not included): 1:54.34
  2. Zach Harting (Card): 1:55.83
  3. Chase Kalish (ABSC): 1:56.04
  4. Luca Orlando (DART): 1:56.50
  5. Alexander Colson (not included): 1:56.50
  6. Gabriel Jett (not included): 1:56.77
  7. Jess Crawford (Flor): 1:57.40
  8. Nicholas Albeiro (UOFL): 1:57.81

Cal Trenton Julian He made a big swim in the preliminary spaces, cutting nearly four-tenths of his seed to take the top seed in 1:54.34. He swam away from his heat and held out for the last fifty.

Louisville professional Zach Harting pulled off a victory against him, holding his second seed to advance to second place with a time of 1:55.83. Georgian professional Chase Kalish was touching just behind him, as he qualified for third with a time of 1:56.04.

Luca Orlando, who came in third, qualified fourth with a time of 1:56.50. Orlando looked strong during the first 150 seconds, but the final 32-second split had him fade to 1:56, his best performance of his life.

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Despite not qualifying for Final A, 15-year-old Thomas Hellmann of Cavalier Aquatics had a lifetime best performance of 1:58.01 to qualify for Final B.

100 women free

  • World record: Sarah Sjostrom (Sweden): 51.71
  • US record: Simone Manuel (2019): 52.04
  • US Open Record: Simone Manuel (USA): 52.54
  • Junior World Record: Penny Oleksiak (Canada): 52.70

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Natalie Hinds (offline): 53.77.00
  2. Claire Kerzan (Tac) /Tori Husky (not included): 54.16
  3. —-
  4. Mallory Commerford (card): 54.18
  5. der Wetzel (cal): 54.19
  6. Erica Brown (TNAQ): 54.27
  7. Olivia Smolja (SUN): 54.32
  8. Kate Douglas (UVA): 54.58

Florida-based professional Natalie Hinds put in an impressive 53.77 points to send the top seed to the final. Hinds was a member of the Olympic team last summer in the 4×100 freestyle relay.

A senior member of the TAC Titans, Claire Kerzan, tied with her future Stanford teammate Tori Husky In second place with a time of 54.16, while pro Mallory Comerford in Louisville slipped slightly from the seed to advance to fourth place with a time of 54.18.

top seed der Wetzel He qualified fifth at 54.19, while Tennessee qualified the Pro Erica Brownwho represented the United States in the event at the Olympics last summer, qualified sixth in 54.27.

100 men free

  • World record: Cesar Cielo Filho (Brazil): 46.91 (2009)
  • American record: Caleb Dressel (2019): 46.96
  • US Open Record: Caleb Dressel/ Ryan Heald (USA): 47.39
  • Junior world record: Andrei Minakov (Russia): 47.57 (2020)

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Caleb Dressel (GSC): 48.12.2020
  2. Ryan Heald (NYAC): 48.20
  3. Drew Kepler (TX): 48.28.00
  4. Brooks Curry (string): 48.36
  5. Kieran Smith (Flor): 48.50.000
  6. Hunter Armstrong (OSU): 48.55
  7. Zack Apple (ISC): 48.57.0000
  8. Justin Reese (MVN): 48.73
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top seed Caleb Dressel He took care of the business this morning, qualifying first in 48.12. He beat Brooks Curry, who won the NCAA title last month. Curry qualified fourth with a time of 48.36.

Arizona State supporter Ryan Heald qualified second with a time of 48.20, while Texas senior Drew Keibler qualified third with a time of 48.28. Florida senior Kieran Smith, known for his middle-distance prowess, appears to be extending his range shorter as he lost nearly a full second off his origin to qualify for fifth with a time of 48.50.