December 7, 2022

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The Future of Gaming

The video gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing industries of the 21st century. With the rapid technological advancements of both hardware and software, there is no wonder the video game industry is getting unrecognizable. However, in the last couple of years, it seems like the gaming industry has reached its peak, and it can’t improve anymore. So, is there any room for improvements, and what can we expect in the near future?

Transition to Multiplayer

Over the course of the last 10 years, the video-game industry ultimately transitioned from single player to multiplayer. Today, there are hardly any new single player games on the market. Every single game is focused on a competitive online experience. With that in mind, we can conclude that the future of gaming is, indeed, in multiplayer games. So, the real question is, how will that multiplayer look in the future?

Virtual Reality

VR gaming is probably the future of multiplayer games. The current VR technology games look cartooney just like the regular video game used to look in their early beginnings, 20-30 years ago.

VR is the future of gaming, but how long will it take to reach the current graphic level of regular gaming? It surely won’t take long as a lot of big companies are interested and ready to invest in this phenomenon. Facebook changed its name to Meta, and they have already launched the Metaverse, a platform for VR games to develop on.

Esports Future in a Nutshell

Truth to be told, the most famous Esports games today are 10 years old. Games like CS:GO, Dota 2, Rocket League, or League of Legends are timeless classics and they won’t go anywhere. People still enjoy playing, watching, and betting on the same games as they had 10 years ago. For example, Rocket League is just as popular as it was when it was released. On top of that, the viewership increased, and Rocket League betting is more popular than ever.

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Be that as it may, the future of Esports is still unpredictable. The current situation suggests that Esports fans are a little bit conservative as they still prefer familiar games they are used to. But one thing is for certain, both tournament prize pools and viewership will increase in the following years.

Cloud Gaming

Graphics are getting better, maps are bigger, there are more details, new features, multiple mods, and so on. This all adds up to a massive hard disk space required to hold any game. In addition to that, new games also require better hardware machinery to even consider running them.

That’s where Cloud Gaming comes in place. Big manufacturers like Nvidia and Xbox already have their cloud gaming services. It is the new generation of gaming with a completely different approach. Cloud gaming itself is gaming on-demand or gaming-as-a-service, a type of online gaming that runs video games on remote servers. So, you don’t need a high-tech PC, nor do you need any hard disk space. Theoretically speaking, you can play any game you want on any PC directly from your browser as long as you have a stable and reliable internet connection with decent ping. It works as a 2-way streaming service. The server receives your input and streams the output back to your screen.

This may come as a problem for some people that live in remote villages and have a slow internet connection. Luckily, the future has a solution for that problem too. Elon Musk launched Starlink, which is set to bring stable and fast internet connection to all parts of the world.

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Artificial Intelligence

The AI or artificial intelligence is also something that will slowly get implemented into video games. Currently, every video game is pre-coded, and there isn’t anything new until a new patch is released. Every gamer has the same storyline, same quests, same enemies to defeat, and so on.

But what if a future video game can provide a unique experience for every gamer? What if it can invent a new unique storyline for everyone. New quests and features can be implemented on the go using artificial intelligence. It is surely a possibility to consider and something to look for.